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My name is Jessica Vickery, Manager for "Krucial", a Houston-based Rapper in the vein of DJ Screw, UGK, and Outkast.His independently-released CD, "Revenue" has gained recognition in his hometown.I want people to finally get a chance to truly experience his art. The music clearly speaks for itself but the music combined with a live performance is exactly what we need to get his music the recognition it deserves. With such a strong presence to compliment the uniqueness and depth of his music any


Authentic, relatable Southern Rap enlaced with a powerful message of motivation and positivism. In contrast to the turmoil and disappointment of life circumstance, endured by artist, Krucial, the portrayal of his music may not be the expected. Self proclaimed perfectionist, Krucial, pushes the boundary; he breaks the mold of the “typical” dirty, dirty south rapper, and through his Sound M.O.B. affiliations aims to transcend those all too well known stereotypes. His genre can be described as down south hip hop with a pop twist; with the accompaniment of versatile instrumentals, his music can be enjoyed by a broad spectrum of rap/hip hop audiences.

In relation to Krucial’s life, his name is not only recognized as an epithet it is a mindset that reflects the many struggles and quests for success that he has endured. In just 23 years on earth, his life experiences can be depicted as the complete opposite of a fairytale. Growing up in the ghetto’s of Houston, Texas he quickly learned the struggles of life. For the most part of his life his parents stayed in and out of jail, Krucial’s mother had issues with drug abuse. His father looked to the streets for his hustle, selling drugs was his choice of occupation. Until the age of 11, he was raised by his grandparents along with his younger sister. Shortly after the death of his grandfather his father was released and he and his younger sister moved in with him. Krucial affirms, “With my eyes I’ve witnessed the unimaginable. Countless young lives lost over nothing. I only look to become something greater than the generations before me.” Drugs, murder, and gangs is what corrupted and distorted his mindset of life. It was his older brother’s 10 year incarceration that led to an epiphany, and is ultimately responsible for his foray into the rap game.

Krucial’s music reflects his life experiences; it paints a vivid picture of life’s struggles that is interrelated to wide-ranging rap/hip hop audiences. Motivated not to become a statistic, music is what continues to be his driving force and release. He continues to pour out his soul, and the gripping intensity that his lyrics portray accentuates his passion and urgency of success. It is his hope to stir the hearts and minds of his listeners, and create inspiring music that helps others deals with life’s struggles one day at a time.

With major musical influences like Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, and opening for artists such as Rich Boy, Lil Scrappy, Devin the Dude, and E-40, his sound is anything but country fried. Krucial conveys this through his music, yet never turns his back on his Texas roots, which is evident in projects like "Revenue" and "Life Over Everything" with Rapid Ric, and will continue to show through his yet to be released "Kruzin".

Forget the money, the money and the cars, the cars and the clothes…”Success, in my mind, is when your good days outweigh your bad, and you’re truly happy with the person you are and the life you are living”. Not the typical Maybach wishes and Cristal dreams you’d expect from a young rapper, but if the past is any indication of the future, if defying adversity is any indication of rewards yet to come, Krucial is anything, but typical.


Debut album "Revenue" entirely produced by Sound M.O.B.

Mixtape "L.O.E. (Life Over Everything)" Hosted by DJ Rapid Ric (@rapidric) or