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Dallas, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Dallas, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Pop Hip Hop




"Lyrical: Taking over the wheels of the music industry with her new single “Boss”"

Lyrical, an artist with a difference who is so gifted when it comes to wordplay is set to take over the wheels of the music industry with her newly released song titled “Boss”. The concept of the song is to empower women of all kinds to be bold and hard hitting in all measures.
“My new single “Boss” is about a woman taking care of her business over all else. The concept is marilyn monroe, gangster mob mentality with a hip hop twist and you are definitely gonna have fun listening to it.” Says Lyrical.
The music video was shot in Atlanta and just released. Lyrical identifies with the song as she is a mother, artist, and business owner of her own cosmetics line and set to launch her lingerie line for plus size women in 2020.
About Lyrical
Lyrical is a female hip-hop artist in Dallas TX. She has been rapping since 2012 and made the Top 200 and top 50 National airplay charts for independent artists. Her style is confident, badass, no-nonsense, and in this single, instead of her usual lyricism, she uses her lyrical abilities to display her gift of wordplay.

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"Who is LYRICAL “The Goddaughter of Hip Hop? #OfficialHype"

Born Ebony Vick in 1989, this attention grabbing Waco, Texas native adopted the nickname of “Goddaughter of Hip Hop” the moment she became interested in becoming a lyricist. Soon after realizing her gift as a lyrical being, she soon assumed the name of “Lyrical”. Her freestyling skills at the young age of 8 turned into a passion for words and by 14 years old she was a published poet. Featured on the Dallas Observer, Lyrical made the decision to partner with an independent label that believed in her talents and vision. While signing to Mr. Lawton Records, she has elevated her career and recorded hits with special guests features such as: Diamond (Crime Mobb), Hulk Tha Prodigy, and Kottonmouth.
Her performance history includes opening up for Too Short and FM 97.6 Break It, along with a host of events in and around the Houston/Dallas area. Being the First Female Hip Hop artist in Dallas to be placed on the national top 200 Airplay charts and national top 50 independent simultaneously with single “Clocked In” has created a local fan base that anticipate her first international release. Her immediate goals include empowering women to accept themselves as they were brought into this world with love songs, power songs, angry songs and anything else that comes to hard.
Her current single “Grinding” is now available on Itunes with her upcoming single “Asylum” to be released nationally with a major video release campaign.
As you see your self, who is LYRICAL “The Goddaughter of Hip Hop?
The God Daughter of Hip Hop is the torch bearer. Hip Hop is dying but it isn’t dead yet. I’m that last runner in the race you save for the end to catch the team up and cross the finish line. All those who started the race will now pass the torch to me. I’m the little girl who grew up a Jehovah’s Witness and completely sheltered from the real world and only connection to the outside world being my radio. I’m the little girl who met her dad once at 14 and then was told by authorities if i care to live never try to contact him again because he’s a crime boss with a lot of enemies. I’m the woman now who now has no fear and will bring my life into that pen until it run out of ink.
Tell us about your current project?
Asylum is the new single dropping 12/15/15. It has a lot of real emotion. It’s creative. My personality reflects that of Harley Quinn from Batman and Joker. I’m similar to her with that good girl gone mad shit. Basically, I’m dealing with a sorry boyfriend, a fucked up job, stressful life, and I snap and now trying to talk myself out of this murder case and asylum I’ve been checked into but i have no remorse.
What’s happened in your career that makes you feel this is the industry for you?
You know when someone told me that my music, my expression, my determination, my words strengthened them when they were at their lowest, it provides not only meaning to what I do but also provides purpose. It’s no longer just about my outlet and my healing. It’s now about healing the world, it’s a greater purpose.
What makes you the next great happening?
I am the next great happening because I Am That I Am. I’m not afraid to be authentic. My persistence is unmatched. I refuse to allow a fat ass be the determining factor for how Hip Hop teaches our culture. I refuse to settle or be knocked down and besides I’m the shit.
Are your currently signed to a label or have any situation in the making?
I am signed to Mr Lawton Records or MLR. Indie label out of Dallas, TX. This label is my family my partner it’s better than major labels because I have more creative control and not so many people’s hands in my money pot you know.
Who and what are your influences?
Wow. Trina has been my favorite since i was a child. My confidence was influenced by her because she has never been afraid to be herself consistently and that’s a value most artists lack and it’s a reason she has longevity and loyal fans. Missy Elliot omg I’ve looked up to this woman all my life. She is the epitome of going against the grain letting your personality and talent sell more than just sex. She actually follows me on twitter so im super honored. But going on, the one and only Lauren Hill, Lil Kim, 2Pac, UGK, Outkast, Queen Latifah(duh) Beyonce, Rihanna, Aaliyah. Those are the main people who influenced my passion for music.
What should people expect from your upcoming 2016 projects?
People should expect realism, raw emotion, expect to learn something, anger, happiness, depression, life, creativity, shit talking, sexiness, intelligence and so much more.
Is there anything you would like our readers to know?
I want you guys to know how important you are to me and to the name of music. You guys decide what stays and what goes and I just hope you find a spot for me and real true hip hop to continue to thrive. I want y’all to know we one in the same I’ve been homeless, I’ve been broke, I’ve been heartbroken, I’ve been cheated on, I’ve cheated on someone, I’ve made mistakes, I’m as real as they come as me and you and i hope you can appreciate that.
Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” moment…
Ummm, I had my first performance years ago. We were in VIP and I walked to the bar to get a drink and this wack fool just walked up to me and kissed me on my lips. I didn’t know this guy and he didn’t know if I had a dude with me or nothing. Needless to say, allllll my label bros saw it and immediately beat his ass and as they did that the dj called me to the stage and everybody stopped and ran to the stage and started gigging with us and afterward we got kicked out and i’m like “where they do that at?” - The Hype Magazine

"Dallas Rapper Lyrical Only Met Her Father Once, and It Was in Prison"

Dallas Rapper Lyrical Only Met Her Father Once, and It Was in Prison - Dallas Observer

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Lyrical The 21-year-old just released her debut album, Adjective of Poetry. The line "I'm a walking yeast infection" on this track is gold. - Dallas Observer



Can you hear it? The sound the pencils and wrists make as they pound on the desk? Heads bobbing to the beat, and that squeaky high pitched, voice demanding respect and daring any of the boys to take her on? Yeah, that’s Lyrical.

From free-styling or battle rapping in high school, to her new banger Gimmie The Bag, Lyrical is all that and a bag of hot Cheetos. 

Often compared to @Mia X and @Trina, who happen to be two of her favorite artists, Lyrical compels listeners with her sassy confidence and lyrical abilities.

Tracks like "Clocked In" built a buzz for Lyrical after placing on the Billboard Charts for Top 200 independent Airplay and Top 50 Airplay for Independent Artists. 

Known simply as “The Boss”, a spin from her hit single “Boss”, her character, personality, and confidence align well with the title. Best selling author, CEO, and mother, she represents every powerful woman confident in their own skin with something to say. Make sure you’re listening.

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