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Tyrone Brown

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Inspiring, motivating Hip Hop. Christan base lyrics he doesn't bring you into a church ministry, like his idol Christ, he brings it to the world on a street level.


It’s Mental a.k.a. Tyrone is releasing his third CD in 4 years. This album is his best creation to date. The previous CDs were released in Kansas City, Mo. Tyrone relocated to southern California where he was raised. His third album will be released in southern California where it is being written and recorded.
Tyrone has put into perspective his ten years living away from home. After 5 years in Philadelphia and another 5 years in Kansas City, Mo Tyrone has realized he was on a spiritual journey. Tyrone considers himself to be an artist first then a performer who is a Hip Hop Artist. After soul searching and adjusting back to the California life he made an artistic change. Tyrone’s stage name is now “IT’S MENTAL” which is relevant to his spiritual journey. With his faith, his love for God and the strength from Christ he overcame and prospered over all adversity.
The name change It’s Mental characterizes Tyrone’s faith that everything is possible with God. All challenges are mental battles; a fit spirit can win and effectively strengthen their mind. One challenge It’s Mental has had is to change living locations and meet the listeners expectations. Tyrone meets this challenge and succeeds displaying his artistic ability improving his music.
Now back home Tyrone has found his heart and soul. Reconnecting with childhood roots, he looks beyond making good music for himself but good music for all. As an artist It’s Mental doesn’t change sellout but excels as an artist and Emcee with prophetic writing.
This third Cd is not titled is due to release in early fall 07. It’s Mental has connected with tight producers from California and Arizona; Xact from Faultline Entertainment, Po Rican from Lite It Up Productions, and GTA from Revolution family. He is recording at Lite It Up located in Corona, Ca. this Cd will have a couple of guess artist. It will also have Tyrone’s signature theme; positive overcoming the negative. Life is precious because there is an end time. Tyrone is taking advantage of life everyday. Always searching for a better day this album will inspire many.
Since the release of his first and second album Tyrone is featured on G.A.S. (God’s Anointed Soldiers) Compilation Album Vol. 1. He is featured on songs “Blessed be the Rock” and “Hands Up!” He is a proud member of H.H.A. Hip Hop Addicts with four chapters; Las Vegas; Riverside, Ca; Kansas City, Mo and Oceanside, Ca. Tyrone has been performing locally in Kansas City and traveled with G.A.S. performing at showcases; Holy Hip Hop Conferences and youth events. September 3, 2005 G.A.S. opened up for Grammy Award winning Green Day, in addition Monday Morning and Mercy Me at the “Rock the Light Tour” at the Starlight Amphitheatre.
Kansas City is where Tyrone grew like crops and delivered his fruit. In a city that of know for its Hip Hop scene it’s where the culture flourishes. Every artist who visits when they leave they spread the word, it’s a beautiful scene. Now back in California after a 10 year journey Tyrone has big plans for his career. Many changes, setbacks, two steps forward and back he will influence and inspire many.


America X - Featuring Ione Blocker Sept 2004; Lies Lies mo Lies 2006; 1st album "Little Devils don't go to Heaven" Sept 2004; Current release "R&R: Reality & Rap" April 2006

Hope vs. No Hope 2006 Get play on Time Warner Music Choice locally in Kansas City, Mo