It's Not Over

It's Not Over

 Staten Island, New York, USA

Our Mission, as a band and artists, is to not only entertain and enjoy ourselves through music but to also communicate, express, and reach out to people through words and music. The mission of our band is pretty basic. Communicate, Entertain, and of coarse have fun!


The band “It’s Not Over” was founded in October of 2006 by guitarist/vocalist, Michael Giordano, and drummer, Matt Cabello in Staten Island, New York and later, Josh Crono( 2009) on Guitar. The Pop/Punk group sometimes compared to the bands Green Day, Boys like girls, Saves the day, All American Rejects, and The Maine, quickly gained a reputation among audiences for their energetic performances and melodically catchy song writing. It’s Not Over's have been in the rotation of UCLA College Radio and WSIA College Radio for three years.
In In October of 2009 It's Not Over won the 3rd annual battle of the bands at the College of Staten Island and released their self entitled debut E.P. The E.P, produced by (former producer and guitarist of The Veronica's) Rob Guariglia and mixed by Kenneth Harter, contain the songs Kiss Kiss (Break up), Better Off, Taking me over, and Catastrophe (available on ITunes).
Since releasing their E.P It’s Not Over have performed acoustically (twice) to 130,000 and 175,000 people live on, became an Aquarian “On the Verge band”, Charted Number 1 (one) on WSIA Alternative Rock top 20 with the “It’s Not Over E.P and number 1(one) with their single “Love Affair”, and charted number 2 (two) with the single “Kiss Kiss (Break Up) on west side will radio.
It’s Not Over plans to release their first full length album in late 2010.


It's Not Over E.P
It's Just Started LP

Set List

- Intro-
1. Love Affair
2. Taking Me Over
3. Better Off
4. Lied to me
5. Sweet Heart Breaker
6. Hold you tight
7. Girl Like You
8. You and Me
9. Never See Me
10. Catastrophe
11. Kiss Kiss (Break Up)