It's Over!

It's Over!


Our songs are catchy and dancy, and our live set is intensely fun! We're absolutely "guaranteed to raise a smile," and we've never played somewhere that didn't ask us to come back.


We've been playing in our current incarnation since 2004, making friends and fans while stirring people up onto the dance floor. Vocalist Jamie Searle is known for giving 'the look' from stage. Our music is heavily influenced by the Beatles, Motown, and the Kinks. We have a "new vintage" sound (think Sun Records, Stax, British Invasion), but one that is not so much contrived as it is the unexpected result of our songwriting - it's in our blood! In 2007 we won the Pitch Weekly Award for Best Pop Act. We've recently released our debut full-length "That Girl" and hope to bring it to every little corner of this world.


Open up Your Heart

Written By: Jamie Searle

I am feeling crazy for a girl like you
Go on and chase me, do what you're gonna do
Cos' I am gonna love you as long as I've got the money to
Open up your heart and let me in.

Sit down next to me, little girl
and tell me what is new
Walking with your fingers lets me
know you're gonna move
my way, my way, my way
my way into your room
Open up your heart and let me in.

There's no need for observations; that is just the way it is.


It's Over! EP
That Girl LP

Set List

A Typical set can be anywhere from 35 minutes to 3 hours (broken into 2 sets), taken from the following originals:
To Be in Love
Don't let me down
Open Up Your Heart
Don't Tell Me
Come Back Home
My Dear Wife
It will Happen
Swing and Sway
That Ain't All
Can it Be
When I Say Goodbye
All My Troubles
I Will Find a Way
Good as Gold
Yes, Maybe
She's a Killer
Phone Booth
When the Sun Goes Down
Yes, Maybe
That Girl Turns Me On
Pack Your Bags
The Turk

A longer set usually means more covers, taken from the following:
Cocaine Blues - Johnny Cash
Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
Be Bop Alula - Gene Vincent
Rocky Raccoon - the Beatles
You Really Got a Hold on me - the Beatles
I Feel Fine - the Beatles
In My Life - the Beatles
I've Just Seen a Face - the Beatles
Run for Your Life - the Beatles
Girl - the Beatles
It Ain't Easy - Ziggy Stardust
Ain't that a Shame - Fats Domino
That's All Right Mama - Elvis Presley
Charlie Brown - t