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Masterfully mixing the oral arts, ItsReaLight sounds like reminiscing today. When she sings she has been likened to Sarah Vaughn with the styling of Nina Simone. When rhyming she sounds as if she's paying homage to Hip Hop and all its greats. ItsReaLight sounds just like her name, illuminating.


What do you call a person who fought for their survival in their early youth? Who smiles in the darkest moments of their life, so others can smile too? Who takes on her High School Administration for not properly recognizing her heritage? Who sees no end to the knowledge she can acquire? You may call that person Chosen.
Born in Far Rockaway, NY, a proud product of St. Vincent, Belize and Guatemala; Natasha L. Spence AKA ItsReaLight. ItsReaLight, (from the biblical Israelites; God's chosen people) is the Harriet Tubman of our time; freeing the enslaved mind. Powered in her appointment by God she is determined to define her purpose.
Affectionately known as Light, illuminating the lives of those around her through her poetry; the catalyst to all of her creative talents. She is a vocalist, thespian, producer, beat boxer, visual artist, activist, dancer, playwright, and orator; amongst other things.
She has been an educator, mentor, and counselor for the inner city children of Brooklyn and Harlem, New York for over 5 years. She has developed curriculum and workshops that are geared toward building self-esteem and the discovery of each individual’s true potential.
Light is selfish, selflessly giving until rewarded by seeing those around her achieve their accomplishments. Her 6th sense for recognizing the talent around her has made her one of the greatest producers and show organizers of our time; her most prided showcase being a yearly event at Denny Moe’s Superstar Barbershop in Harlem, USA; which proceeds go directly into the shops scholarship fund.
Light has won multiple slams, mostly at the world famous Nuyorican Poet’s Café. She has shared the stage and with the likes of The Last Poets, Talib Kweli, Keyshia Cole, Malcolm Jamal Warner and his band Miles Long, Lyfe Jennings, and Dead Prez just to name a few. As an activist she has worked closely with the late Sonny Carson, Abiodun Oyewole (The Last Poets), the late Professor X (X Clan), the late James Davis (NYC Councilman), and served as an active member of the UNIA. This Cipher Queen is also in The Guinness Book of World Records for her lyrical contribution to the longest cipher ever (24 hours). She quenches the thirst of her nomadic spirit, proving that Light can be anywhere. You might catch her performing at a step show in an amusement park, at a rites of passage graduation as the motivational speaker, on your local cable access channels, or even at your church. Dedicated enough to give an audience of 2 the same energy she would an audience of 2 thousand. Her limits can only be set by a divine force. Light is a powerhouse of energy and motivation, a conductor on the freedom train, the light at the end of the tunnel, a born Legend, the chosen truth.



Written By: ItsReaLight

Can I
Make my
Your reality (2x)

My real will have you dreaming
Midnight summer dreams in February
As sweat creeps from pores and soak capillaries
The temperature outside is 16
One plus six is seven
Number of complete divinity
And you wonder why you sweat for me
Sweat for me
Sweat me
Sweating me is like sweating realism in 3-D prisms
Feel my reign Boa Constrict your pot of gold
Bling Bling
Oh, You like shiny things
Well, take the words that exude these lips
Freeze them
Polish them
Bling bling and chill
For every syllable I spit is poetry
for the poor minds I treat
Singing using the same vocal chords
I just strike them differently
Unity in duality
Virgos Masters of purity
Feminine energies
A male Virgo is serious real
200% feminine is unreal
So how can you not feel
The purity I willed on earth
As it is in seven
Giving you this day, food for thought
Feel fed
The poor minds I treat with this poetry
Sweat me

Can I
Make my
Your reality (2x)

I mean really
Mute meditation to the point of speaking freely
Free me
From the confines of this false consciousness
I have been underminded
They say if you can't beat them
Join them
So make me sub-conscious
Free me
Become hindsight to my double jointed backside
Back flipping
Bending over backwards
To reach back to your roots
Dig me
Lay vertical to my horizontal wingspan
See ebon skies through closed eyes
Experience the joint of double ebon thighs
Free me

Can I
Make my
Your reality(2x)

Combine inner child with mind's eye
Afrikan Moombaza
Vocal life savers
Blinking wall paper
Clay de Noir
Melted by midsummer nights in February
Hands of omnipotence
Forming genuine material into undiscovered shapes
To be imitated never duplicated
Pure omnipotence
Flow from fingertips
As smooth and ferocious as the prowl of the panther
Kiss lips
As thick as Black Forest Cake
Palms indented harmonious hips
Sleek Mahogany richness
Take a sip
Into trances of lost memories
Imagine me
Breathe my dreams


Reality: The Single handed Single, 2003
Complex: The Mixtape, 2005

Set List

Can do sets ranging from 10 minutes to 2 hours. Usually do all original pieces, but available for covers. Can stay specific to a genre or mix them depending on what's needed.