Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Juice is a lively eight piece Boston-based mixture of funk, hip hop, R&B, rock, pop, and jam influences, featuring powerful lead vocals and an electric violin.


Juice is an eight piece Boston-based mixture of funk, hip hop, R&B, rock, pop, and alternative influences, featuring powerful lead vocals and an electric violin. The band of former Boston College students has been building buzz in the Boston area for just over three years, and in that time period has become city's most heavily attended local acts. 


Where I Wanna Be

Written By: Ben Stevens,Christian Rougeau,Kamau Burton,Jack Godfrey,Miles Clyatt,Daniel Moss,Chris Vu,Michael Ricciardulli,Nick Carini

I opened my eyes one morning, the sky seemed so grey
My week had been so damn boring, what more can I say
I've been searching for a sense of clarity to, clear up the clutter and all the bad energy
Im looking through new eyes, I'm looking for blue skies,
guess what were trying to say is....

Sometimes I dream about a place so far away
Where the sun is shining bright all through my day
Lay my deepest troubles down right by the sea
Thats Where I wanna Be

Sometimes I dream about this place I know, Sand slipping like an hour glass through my toe
Thoughts wonder any direction they chose, sit back relax, ain't no win or lose
Just grab a seat, uh come and chill with me
See life from a side that you wouldn't believe, its easy
Just close your eyes, forget all the lies and feel the good vibes, no phones on
So don't try to reach, palms rustle i the back when Im tryina sleep,
Problems no the tide reach my feet, no worries i lean back and adjust my seat
So why not, Get lost in the sea cause the life I lead seems to knocka me offa my feet, I've been thinking bout my dreams and what it all means but first lets fill the balcony seats a ya see cause


Bridge ooooohoooohhooohhh



Written By: Ben Stevens,Kamau Burton,Christian Rougeau

Change is never easy babe, but it seems to be with you
Loving was a mystery that I blindly did pursue
I feel safe in your arms, like a safe full of charms
I got a fling for the bling I hear the ringing alarms yeah
Wanna be surrounded by you
I'm so dumbfounded by you
Never leave me
I don't wanna be empty
Yo've got me singing, you've got me singing, yeah

For sure my gold can love me better
Lets go explore your every treasure

We all about the Goooold

Yeah we step in the club and we blowing up the show
Put your hands up if you're all about that Gold

Verse 2:

So-o-o, So-o-o
Baby got me begging for the go-o-old
I love it with my body and my so-o-oul
Cheers to the people who know, know
No, No
Don't tell em, Don't tell em
Got 23 watches I aint never gonna sell em
Damn, lil mama you a dime in the light
but my eyes on the gold tonight
Come and lie with me
be my destiny
please just let this be
I need you darling
Don't get me started
We all about that gold.




Set List


Pineapple Groove

Good Morning Beautiful

How You Gonna Do Me Like That

Where I Wanna Be

Coconut Girl


Shoot Me Down



Need You To Wait

Look My Way

Blackberry Crush


My Lady On Fire


Gravity (John Mayer)

Hey Mama (Kanye West)

Funky Bitch (Sons Seal)

So Good (B.o.B)

Love On Top (Beyonce)

Semi-Charmed Life (Third Eye Blind)

That Girl (Justin Timberlake)

Ants Marching (Dave Matthews Band)

Ignition (Remix)

Mr. Brightside (The Killers)

Super Rich Kids (Frank Ocean)

Digital Love (Daft Punk)

Gold Digger (Kanye West)

September (Earth, Wind, and Fire)

i (Kendrick Lamar)

Brick House (The Commodores)