"it! puts on a show that has to be seen to be believed. Imagine an alternate reality where Daft Punk used drums and guitars to create catchy dance tracks instead of synths and computers and you'll have a good idea of it! in action."
-KDHX 88.1


it! is a dance duo like no other. Bridging dance-punk with smooth pop, it! is like a boy band with chest hair. it! brings balls to the dance party and energizes the crowd.
it! is Joel Kern and Andrew Bohler.
Written, recorded and mixed in home starting summer 2011.
In a short time it! has played with:
Free Energy
Allen Wilson !!! (chk chk chk)
Har Mar Superstar
The Floozies
Dynasty Electric
The Manhattan Project
and many more


it! ph(it!)ness

Written By: it!

move your feet to this mother fucking beat
it! will bring the fucking heat, better move your fucking feet


Written By: it!

The voices in my head keep telling me to beat got me shaking like I am epileptic
I see that body bounce ass bust'n out ya pants got me shaking like I am epileptic
Honey sugar sweet baby turning up the heat got me shaking like I am epileptic
Show me what you got girl do that little dance got me shaking like I am epileptic

G(it!) Drunk

Written By: it!

every day like we do
G(it!) drunk
whenever you want to
Don't stop
Doing what you wanna do
G(it!) G(it!) Drunk


All tracks available at
it! ph(it!)ness

1. 2011 demo "The Sh(it!)"
2. 2012 single 1 "it! ph(it!)ness
3. 2012 single 2 "Epileptic"
4. 2013 single "G(it!) drunk"