Itzjunk, is the hottest alternative band to hit Detroit in years. With their resurgent Detroit rock sound, the audience feels the roof is gonna blow off!


itzjunk is the hottest band to hit the Windsor/Detroit music scene in years. This enigmatic quintet has the special ability to write and perform frenzied rock songs that leave their fast growing audiences spinning. The purveyors of raw riffs are Lee Gaul and George M on guitars. The unshakeable rythm section is lead by The Gunner on Bass and Rico Malizia on Drums. These four well established musicians accompany the quintessential vocalist, lyricist and frontman, Sean Barry. Together they make up a rock band in the tradition of the MC5, and Iggy Pop and the Stooges, complete with onstage antics and the music that delivers. This crew of rag-tag glorified street punks are the next torch bearers of the resurgent rock sound that is Detroit's very own.


6 song debut ep: no no please stay no go go no please stay ep. (c) itzjunk 2002, Rayn Coke Records RCR 459501.

Curently charting on college radio, first single for commercial release soon...

Set List

All original Tunes:
Going Out Tonight
Ain't it a Shame
Pink Leather Pants

unreleased songs currently played:
Robot Phantom Volume Phantom
She's Got the Pain
Touch the Toush
Here come the (warm) brats
Le Partie Horrifique
Piss Kiss
Gimme Gimme Gimme my Friday Night
Crazy Jane
Chalk Shock You
Black Magic