ITz Sage

ITz Sage

BandHip HopSinger/Songwriter

rap pure hiphop lupe influence love, feel.


Born in Baltimore MD, 14 yrs, discovered he loved to sing at the earliest time possible in his life, and when he first got turned on to hip hop, he was intrigued. He was introduced to rappers such as eminem, but still didnt have a full view.. Then he was turned on to lupe fiasco. So influenced by him ITz Sage was born and is takin the mic.


Order 666: the playback-mixtape
Black Destruction-mixtape
Black Unity-mixtape
dOcTa DoBaD-mixtape
Report Ink-mixtape
Mixtape Vol. 2-mixtape
Tru Hop***-mixtape
Tru Hop Part II: Expiration-mixtape
The Sophmoren Collegian: Q-bridge to Bmore Mixtape-mixtape
Sage Da Executioner-mixtape
upcoming mixtape is called 'Expressions'

No i dont have airplay but on certain sites they stream some.

Set List

Sometimes my songs can lead to 8 minutes long. I rapped for 15 minutes and made a song called the Sage Portrait. Usually from 3 to 6 mins and 40 secs.