McKenzies Mill

McKenzies Mill



Born and raised in the small southern town of West End, North Carolina comes this dynamic young trio known as McKenzies Mill. Consisting of brothers Justin and Ryan Harris and their life long friend Tony Barnes, the boys packed their bags in the fall of 2005 and relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. By blending their influences of traditional/modern country and southern rock, McKenzies Mill creates a sound unlike any band before them. Combining down home subject matter and a natural story telling ability their lyrics take the audience on journeys from the campfire to the barstool, down dirt roads and blacktops, slinging gravel and finding plenty of trouble along the way. Through unique guitar based anthems and soaring harmonies that can only be captured by brothers, McKenzies Mill promises “one hell of a ride”


-debut album "One Hell of a Ride" released in January '07

Set List

1. Runaway Train
2. The Whetherman
3. God Bless the Southern Man
4. Homegrown
5. It's All Gonna Turn Around
6. Living Single
7. Moonshine Thrill
8. I Don't Know the Road I'm On
9. Route 73
10. WhenIt Rains...
11. Midnight Run
12. Sunrise In My Face