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Ivana Mer

Banská Bystrica, Slovakia | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Banská Bystrica, Slovakia | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band World Electronic





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• “Early Works REMIXED” (2017)

The edition of "Early Works" issued in February 2016 through the Slovak label Slnko Records, brought Ivana Mer's compositions to the international scene. Her songs continue in the cosmopolitan spirit in which they were created and reached various djs and producers around the world. A year later this album reborn, full of astonishing and powerful collaborations from intercontinental artists. Japan, Argentina, Australia, Greece and Uruguay. Fresh visions of her music. Welcome to EARLY WORKS REMIXED.

• “Early works” (2016)

Compilation of 9 tracks released by the slovak label Slnko Records, with compositions of Ivana Mer recorded between 2010 and 2015 in France, Spain, Germany, Czech Republic and Slovakia. “Early works” have collaborations with Anacole Daalderop, Oskar Rózsa, Marc-Eric Laine, Werner Philippi & Marcel Meszáros.


• “Tak sa stale pytam” (2013). This song was released specially for the film "HRANA - 4 Films about Marek Brezovsky”. Lyrics for Marek's composition are written by his sister Mirka Brezovská. Recorded, arranged and produced by Oskar Rózsa.

• “Ibiza” (2014). From the album “Décollage”, VOILA! Ambient vocals. With Štěpán Janoušek (trombon). Music: Zdenka Trvalcova and M.Mihok. Lyrics: G. Salvan

• “El bonsai” (2015). Lyrics and music by Cristian Estrella. Digital edition “Diamantelefante”.

• “Davno” (2015). With Matej Starkov. CD “Zrkadlenie”. Written by Starkov and Matúš Vallo.

• “The song of the soul” (2016). Lyrics and music by Maok. Digital edition.

• “Eyja” (2016). Ivana Mer & I am Planet for Ostrov Hudby. Hommage to work and legacy of famous Slovak journalist Juraj Kušnierik, who passed away in November 2015 on Iceland. His endless enthusiasm and plethora of reviews, interviews and reports have been instrumental in the positive growth of the local scene in the past 20 years.



For IVANA MER music emerges from silence, inspired by the chants of the sea, forces of nature and by the inner world of the soul. Slovak born composer and singer, began her artistic journey in Prague while finishing her studies of cultural anthropology. Here she has produced her first electro-acoustic compositions that were used in the Belgian dance project Dancers! and got into the semifinals of the international electro-acoustic festival LEM Le Prix Russolo. Her musical activities are closely connected to travels, which besides opening new horizons, are the source of collaborations with producers and talented musicians from Europe and the world.

In 2015 she was nominated in the category "Discovery of the Year - RadioHead Awards" (music awards in Slovakia) and her song "Diamond fields" created with producer Marc-Eric Laine was leading at the first position in RADIO_FM chart, Slovakia. Her singing voice is heard in the song "Tak sa stále pýtam" for the Slovakian film "Hrana - 4 filmy o Marekovi Brezovskom" directed by Patrik Lančarič. 

In 2016 her debut album titled “EARLY WORKS” was released by Slovakian record label Slnko Records with very positive reception from the audience and critics in various parts of the globe. You can hear her music also in the dance film "Personal Pronouns" from the director Andrea Sudorová, awarded at the Dance Film Festival San Francisco, USA.

For the year 2017 she is preparing “EARLY WORKS REMIXED”, an album of remixes from her debut —with artists from Japan, Argentina, Uruguay, Australia, and Greece. On the other hand the release of EP in collaboration with artist I AM PLANET (minimalistic, neo-classical music). You can listen to the first single "Eyja" known from the compilation "Ostrov Hudby" (”Island of Music”, Lala Music Export, tribute to the deceased journalist Juraj Kušnierik).

She perceives life itself as music that includes all the genres, what naturally leads her to participate in the wide range of projects from playing music for theatre performances, composing for video art, contemporary dance, singing for poetic rap and acoustic minimalism. 

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