Wake Forest, North Carolina, USA

In the absence of Avril Lavigne, there's a new girl ready to rock and she's known as Ivana. Ivana's mainstream sound is defined by her Kelly Clarkson inspired vocals and catchy hooks.


At 16 yrs old Ivana Turano has an increasing number of fans, multiplying every day, all who have realized exactly what the most prestigious producers, photographers, and songwriters are sure of- her ability to capture super stardom.

Whether she is in the studio or the classroom, Ivana is excited and passionate to learn. It is such a pleasant combination to have a young role model who is confident, yet humble at the same time; Ivana is beautiful and has talent beyond measure, but it is her ability to relate to American teens that have music lovers wanting to follow her every step.

It has been said that “Jersey girls are the best in the world,” and Ivana has the majority of the industry thinking that quote is true. As her music speaks for itself, Ivana is determined to ride the wave that will wash up on the shore of fame.

Ivana Turano never goes anywhere without her Ipod in hand, and when she is finished with a long day of school, homework, music, and yoga- well she may be just sitting down to a bowl of spaghetti! She describes her genre of sound Pop/Rock, and is completely inspired by world renowned Kelly Clarkson. Ivana has always believed that she would “make it,” and as it is all happening so fast for this young lady, she still maintains to be extremely grounded.

The sensation she has created has just taken flight and it is only the beginning of the success that lies within the horizon. Reaching that success is unquestionable, and as more and more people hear about Ivana Turano, time is the only barrier between a girls dream and Madison Square Garden.


Single - Happy Ending
Single - Honest