Ivan & The Parazol

Ivan & The Parazol

 Budapest, Budapest, HUN

For young, rock music fans, who would love to have the 60’s and 70’s rock freshened up with some modern touch, Ivan & The Parazol is a cheeky young rock and roll band whose catchy rock tunes ensure that rock music will never go out of style. Unlike other bands, Ivan & The Parazol stays fresh and due to their charismatic frontman and their energy on stage foreshadows a rising of a new beat generation.


Hungarian rock ‘n’ roll group Ivan & The Parazol was formed in 2010 in Budapest after the members met at the same music school. Their 21st century rock ‘n roll blends the good old beat music with some fresh touch

The EP ‘Yellow Flavour’ in 2011 and steady gigs in Budapest clubs and in other Hungarian cities earned them a devoted audience. Their debut LP ‘Mama Don’t You Recognize Ivan & The Parazol?’ was released in 2012. The album was praised by the Hungarian press and the result was not left out. Ivan & The Parazol made to Austin, Texas to play at the SXSW showcase. The good performance resulted them a spot at the New York CBGB festival and the group also achieved the attention from music industry professionals so later on their song ’Take my hand’ was chosen to be the promo song of SXSW 2014.

During the past years the band toured a lot, and became one of Hungary’s most popular upcoming band. In the winter of 2013 the band won an MTV Europe Music Award in the category Best Hungarian Act. In February 2014 they got the opportunity to open for Deep Purple in the Budapest Sportarena in front of 8.000 people.

Their second album, ‘Mode Bizarre’ came out in March 2014 and got positive feedback from both the fans and critics. SZIGET Festival, the well-known European Festival and Hungary’s biggest one, has chosen the song ’Together’ to be the anthem of the festival in 2014. The guys are a regular act at festivals and clubs all around Hungary and also played shows in London, New York, Austin, Houston, Amsterdam with acts like the Birth of Joy, Fun Loving Criminals and Hanni El Khatib.


Yellow Flavour - EP - 11/2011
Take My Hand - SP - 02/2012 (national radio no1 hit)
Sellin' My Soul - EP - 03/2012
Mama don't you recognize Ivan & The Parazol? - LP - 03/2012
Mode Bizarre - LP - 03/2014
Modernial - SP - 03/2015