Today he is a leader of group Ivan-Ivan. Composer, poet, performer Eugeni Ivanov. There are more than 100 songs of the own making on his account. Which are carried out by him and many other artists. To date his songs sound on the different wireless stations. Published and produced. Albums are for a sale on all of territory of Russia, CIS, Germany, England, America, Israel.
He talks that does not know as a song gives birth. He talks that it simply comes. He does not need a stimulant. He loves LIFE! His love is a guitar. He stood at the sources of the Russian show-business. Many thousands stadium, festivals, clips, ethers, mad amount of concerts, record of new album and suddenly... From 1995 all at first, under a new pseudonym. A song is his guiding star. He – «IVAN-IVAN»,founder and leader of group.


1997-album "I live as able"
1999-album "Say an offence- To SLEEP!"
2000-album "In the gleam of fire"
2006-album "Young-Free"