If you look for any fleeting fragment of the breeze of the Caribbean Sea, if inside the walls of your apartment you can find a slight passage to the horizon, and between nostalgies you manage to see the mountain chains, then you support the spirit of these songs of free and almost daring cut.


This first sample of the production La Rutina dances in freedom between the acoustic sounds of violin and guitars and the eclectic mixture of latin rythms, always Caribbean, always changing and alive. Even more, always pretending to affect the spirit, when not to question it and simultaneously to make him dance.


Aunque no estés a mi lado

Written By: Ivanova

Todo lo que fui,
Está aquí, está aquí
Todo lo que puse en tus manos
Esta aquí, está aquí,
Todo lo que deposité en tu banco,…del amor
Está aquí
Que de intereses aplicados
Me cuesta la dicha de lo tanto,…amor
Y más aún del corazón

Y aunque no estés a mi lado,
Guardo el color de tu espacio
Y en mis venas ruge obscena
La impaciencia de mis labios
De mis versos, besos tengo
Para darte, darte amor
Besos con acento
Con acento, besos, amor
Besos pero, pero besos
De tónico acento amor,
Amor de tónico sino,
Amor de sino tónico

De la punta de mis sueños
Al talón de mi corazón
He pasado mil arcadas
Al recuerdo de este amor
Y yo me duermo en el silencio
De tu voz,…amor
Con este ruido de mi latido

De cada sol que puso el día,
El día de tu ausencia, amor
Día que cura mis heridas
Con la rutina del dolor
Es que tengo el ritmo eterno
Que en el alma Dios me dio
Es que tengo el serlo todo,
Todo lo que puedo ser,… amor

Es que no es siempre el triunfo de dos.

(English translation)

Everything what I was,
Is here, it is here
Everything what I put in your hands
Is here, it is here,
Everything what I deposited in your bank,…of the love
Is here
That of applied interests it costs me
the joy of so much, … love
And even more of the heart

And though you are not to my side,
I guard the color of your space
And in my veins ruge obscene
The restlessness of my lips
Of my verses, kisses I have
To give you, give you love
Kisses with accent
With accent, kisses, love
Kisses but, but kisses
Of tonic accent love,
Love of tonic fate, Love of fate tonic

From the top of my dreams
To The heel of my heart
I Have gone on thousand arcades
To The recollection of this love
And I fall asleep in the silence
Of your voice, … love
With this noise of my beating
Of every Sun that it put the day,
The day of your absence, love
Day that heals my wounds
With the routine of the pain
Is that I have the eternal pace
That in the soul God gave to me
Is that I have it: to be everything
Everything what I can be, … love
It is that it is not always the victory of two.


La Rutina, our first production, is being recorded at this moment in Santiago, Domican Republic. It contains 11 tracks.

Set List

Our sets go from 1 to 2 hours, and they usually include 12 songs:

La Rutina
It reflects the chasing after time again and again, fusing the free melody of the violin with a pace almost silente but strongly taken root in the bachata.

Aunque no estés a mi lado
This song tries to affect with the sweet melancholy without bitternesses, to break the silence to improve it and to make it show the secret happy moments in the encouraging recollection of the one who already is not.

Vente a vivir conmigo,...a Plutón
It is the expression of the determined and probably crafty love; a clear invitation without doubts, dancing on a gagá diluted in melodies.


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