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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Brunswickian"

September 2005.

Name: Ivar Damian - Demo CD.
Location: Iceland/Canada.
Genre: Electronic-Rock.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

History: The 1980's was the halcyon era of electronic music exploration with elements of rock music, popularized by a waves of European and Canadian musicians such as Joy Division, Roxy Music, Strange Advance, Frontline Assembly and Skinny Puppy. Music industry focus shifted by the 1990s - major recording labels were less likely to risk an investment of time and expenses to promote experimental music.

The Review: Years later, I received a CD promotional package in bilingual Icelandic & English. It was Ivar Damian's demo CD and it instantly captivated my attention by fusing electronic drums, synthesizers and guitars in a refreshingly infectious and original modernization of the 1980's New Romantic / Industrial era. The CD, photo, biography and poster were presented in a very creative black & white artistic package. Ivar Damian presents himself visually as a suave suit & tie jazz performer 1930's photo, reminding me of the futuristic world portrayed in Gattaca - impressive and bold for Canada (where rock, rap and folk music dominate today). Ivar Damian's CD promotional kit arrived in my office with no hype or advance notification leaving me with a positive first impression. I expect his next project will be equally intriguing. Staff. - University of New Brunswick


2005 - Ivar Damian Demo CD
2009 - Untitled (Debut CD Album).



Ivar was first exposed to music as child creating electronic instruments with grandfather who maintained an interest in jazz, classical and modern music. In later years, shortwave radio broadcasts exposed Ivar to different musical styles and cultures. Inspired, he learned to perform various instruments, one by one, performing in a variety of high-school speed metal, electronic and art-rock bands. He placed his musical ambitions on hold to pursue university. Years later, following a severe injury, Ivar decided to return to music, releasing a demo CD in 2005 that received positive reviews in Germany. A debut full-length CD is scheduled for release in October 2009. Ivar is an Icelandic-Canadian.