I Violini di Santa Vittoria
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I Violini di Santa Vittoria


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The best kept secret in music


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In January 2002 they released their first CD The Concert Bagnoli dedicated to one of the most important formations in June 2001 have participated to the last Cd Massimo Ranieri (Today Dimane.)

Since April 2002, is a key part Project Melodies of Flavours – sensory pathways between food and music project of promotion of local products in the province of Reggio Emilia. Through these activities were in Germany (Schwerin and Pforzheim), France (Dijon).

In September 2003, on the occasion of the events relating to a cooperative project between Reggio Emilia and the Serbian city Kragujevac recorded with a group of Serbia Kragujevac their second CD Emilia.

In 2005, they opened the Astoria Theatre in Fiorano with a new production on dance music with Sudden Banda.

In 2007 he did the collaboration with Riccardo Tesi in the project Osteria del Fojonco released in January 2009


Feeling a bit camera shy


VIOLINI DI SANTA VITTORIA are the only representatives of the tradition of the ‘hundred violins’ of Santa Vittoria (Gualtieri – RE ITALY).

This tradition was born when, from the first 800, spread in the countryside of Emilia new dances to popular origin countries from German and Slavic ones, such as polka, mazurka and waltz, the first written documents date back to the 30s of the XIX century.

In particular, in Santa Vittoria is invented a musical tradition that involves the use of only string instruments and involving the whole country at the end of 800, only IN Santa Vittoria, there are 15 dance bands!

The project of the Violins of Santa Vittoria was born in 2001 after a long research work coordinated by Sheherazade as an integral part of the broader Taca dancer, a project of historical recovery of the tradition of dance music Emilia-Romagna. The scientific work has been accompanied by a real musical project of recovering the path of so-called violins of Santa Vittoria.

I VIOLINI DI SANTA VITTORIA down as the typical organic from Santa Vittoria: the Violin Concerto, a string quintet composed of three violins, a viola and double bass, the main characteristic of organic sounding unique and unusual

The music that is playing is all original and unpublished and belongs to the family Bagnoli, one of the most important families in the history of Santa Vittoria, especially the scores used have belonged to II Concerto Bagnoli active in the thirties of the twentieth century, which is the typical waltzes, mazurkas, polkas, and some tango and one step, as evidence of the musical taste of the time. The historical reconstruction of this music has not been carried out only on a strictly philological, the attempt was rather to revive music almost forgotten trying to maintain their musicality and their functionality.

In addition, thanks to Paola Bigatto as a consultant, the show has been enriched by narrative moments conducted in scene from Orfeo Bossini these moments help with short digressions to contextualize historically and socialemente the fascinating stories of several families of violinists present Santa Vittoria