Take U2's guitar work, Coldplay's epic piano sound, and Copeland's sing-a-longs, to bring you a mature, refreshing sound from four Wisconsin boys still shy of the legal drinking age. Playing along side such bands as Number One Fan, The Myriad, The Spill Canvas, This Day and Age, Number One Gun, Melee, Hawk Nelson, Thousand Foot Crutch, 12 Stones, and many more...these boys are destined to be in your town starting in 06'.


Self titled EP - Sold online at Smartpunk.com and Interpunk.com. Also availible in Japan.

Listen to the full songs at:

Set List

We like to play for about 20-30 min. at each show, usually five songs. Our current set is:

1. Into into "Coast Of Maine"
2. Don't Go
3. There She Goes
4. Love Finds Love
5. Beautiful

We play to a click and a track. We do have little tracks playing in-between songs to set or keep a certain mood that we are going for.