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Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Band Rock Metal


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The best kept secret in music


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"SUBJECTIVE ENEMY" is an epic-concept album with 17 tracks/spoken parts and 66 minutes music.
The Story:
This story is about a man. One of many. Split in his personality.
Influencing and missing affection within young years supported the building up of anger, hate and maliciousness.
The own indifference and lacking self-responsibility also offered the breeding ground for the evil. Without noticing it his steady behaviour became influenced by arrogance, aggression and egoism.
Friends and acquaintances turn away and in the end his beloved girlfriend leaves him, too. Caught in this cage of evil he slowly becomes aware of his lifetime.
And so he attempts to change himself and make up for the mistakes he´s made. But his enemy is bigger than he thought.
Because the dark side in us cannot be so simply changed... and the dark side has a name..............
.................SUBJECTIVE ENEMY

IVORY TOWER - Beyond the stars (2000)

Power progressive metal, the entire palette of the great art of prog metal, from hard to something apart, from straight to fancy, from orchestral and traditional to experimental! Reaching for the stars? Beyond the sun and the moon, on the other side of the immense universe, past countless stars, to eternity. This is the sensation given by the latest album of the German prog metal band IVORY TOWER. The new album, meaningfully entitled "Beyond the stars" continues in the same vein as that which the band laid out with their self-titled debut album in autumn 1998. Overall, "Beyond the stars" is more direct and stronger, grabbing the listener and refusing to let go. The band´s music again lives from Fischer´s expressive voice, from the countless dexterous guitar parts, the cleverly placed orchestral passages and the huge variation on arrangements. The echo on the part of the media and fans was tremendous. Every important music magazine, both national and international gave the debut fantastic reviews. According to the German magazines "Heavy oder was?" the band was walking "the path of royalty", Metal Hammer described the band as "new heroes", Rock Hard described the "highly successful entrance" into the prog world.

Ivory Tower - Ivory Tower (1998)
Since summer of 1998 there has been a new, very promising band standing in the wings:
IVORY TOWER from Germany - who are ready to add their own sound to the current boom of progressive power metal.
Their self-titled debut album combines powerful metal songs with symphonic offsetters, catchy hook lines with clever arrangements and polished rhythms. It contains eight brilliant metal songs which cover the entire spectrum from ballads to foot-tapping rockers and from the epic to speedier numbers. The album "IVORY TOWER" (1998) opens with the song "One Life In Asia", a fast power metal number whose text deals with the misery of the third world and the scandalous employment of children. "A Distant Light" is a brilliant midtempo number highlighted by a long, melodic solo. "Spring" is the title of a sensitive ballad , which , thanks to it´s piano part and a great song line is sure to get the sparklers waving on the other hand, "She" is a real 80´s inspired hardrock-hammer with a driving beat. The bands arrangement of the John Mile´s classic "Music" will also raise some eyebrows as IVORY TOWER show just how much expression and thoughtness there is in this song. The most impressive track on the album is surely the fifteen minutes long "Blinded", during which IVORY TOWER demonstrate the entire spectrum of their creative potential . The listener will discover numerous tempo changes, parts played unisono and an unusual wholeness, which forms the crowning touch of this impressive album.




BioThe history of the band begins in 1996,
when Andre Fischer, Sven Böge and Thorsten Thrunke (with two other musicians) founded the combo under the name AX´N SEX and soon advanced to one of the bright new metal
hopes in and around northern Germany.
Their selfproduced CD "Victim of Time"of four original works (playing time: 32 mins.) received a very positive reception, not only
in Germany , but also in Europe as well as overseas.
Numerous international music magazines waxed lyrically over the album. The Italian "Flash" gave 80 (from 100possible points), "Break Out" describes the band as being in the "royal echelon of metal", "Iron Pages" urged "... we strongly recommend this album".
These were followed by several reviews in Scandinavia, Greece and even in the USA and Brazil. It did appear , however, that the band name did not entirely suit their melodic power metal and conjured up visions of sleaze metal.

The musicians were quick to react. After some deliberation the musicians changed the name of the band to the more suitable IVORY TOWER.
They polished their styles further, and made some changes in the line-up. After having been with the band since it´s formation, two of the musicians left their ranks and were soon replaced by Stephan Laschetzki (Bass) and Stephan Machon (Keyboards).
This line-up is responsible for all the material on the "IVORY TOWER" and the "Beyond the stars" Album.
Initial discussions between the band and Limb Music Products and Publishing (LMP) were held in December 1997.
LMP had been quick to recognize the enormus potential of the band and offered them a contract.
IVORY TOWER present ambitious and high-quality progressive power metal.
Their sound is modern, gripping and varied. In March and April 1999 IVORY TOWER supported the album on tour through Germany with "Mob Rules" and "Murder One".

The recordings for the second album "Beyond the stars" started in summer 1999. IVORY TOWER produced again a monsterpiece, released 17th of April 2000.
A brilliant album that contains 10 tracks and 63 minutes played music.
IVORY TOWER turned to classical, orchestra arrangements, a lot of hard riding guitar riffs and melodic refrains. During that time there were extensive promotional activities all over the world but especially in Paris for the French release under the license label NTS.
In 2001 there was the intoduction of new bandmembers on bass, drums and keyboards. Stephan M., Stephan L. and Thorsten left the band due to personal reasons.
In 2001 we started extensive promotional activities in Sao Paulo/Brasil with the license label "Rock Brigade" (a special "Hello" to "ED GUY" and Crew!!).
The band quitted the contract with LMP in 2002.

After that we start the pre-pre-pre production
for the new album with the working title "IT. The recordings start in their
own, new founded IVORY TOWER MUSIC PRODUCTION ENVIROMENT with the following
studio band:

Andre Fischer - Vocals
Sven Böge - Guitars
Torsten Nesch - Bass
Oliver Kukla - Drums
Folke Fittkau - Keyboards

IVORY TOWER like to thank all the musicians they worked
with or were in touch during the period of rehearsal for the new line up, especially:
Jürgen Attig, Steve Alexander, Uli Kusch, Marco Minnemann.

The luxury circumstance to record in their studio and
so to ignore the time/money factor creates some unexpected effects. The band
recorded the music in a relaxed atmosphere and tried different things. The new
songs were much harder than ever, got imposant orchestral arrangements and breathtaking
choirs --walls of choirs.

Catchy melodies were packed into a interesting concept.
A compelling story was embedded within richly diverse power progressive metal.

After the recordings IVORY TOWER were searching -
again- for a new label. No easy Job...

In 2006 Flo Tabbert on drums and Björn Bombach
on Bass joined the band. In that year IVOR