Ivory Weeds

Ivory Weeds

 Evans City, Pennsylvania, USA
BandAlternativeNew Age

Beautiful, strange and challenging, Ivory Weeds has a very dense sound for a solo act. The songs are neither excessively simple nor overly complicated. Some songs are primarily acoustic while others are made of dense reverb on guitar and vocals and sampled drum tracks.


I am (as of right now, but not for long) a solo artist. I grew up in the forest of Pennsylvania. Bright Eyes was my largest influence when I was young, until I met my friend Dean Cercone (fellow musician). We would jam together with all of our friends in his shed. This marked a quick increase in my skills on the guitar, and a difference of style. When I started to buy more effects for my guitar my music progressed from all acoustic to a more ambient feel but still acoustic: from "Dreams... It Seems" to "Native".


Dreams... It Seems, and Native