Ivy Mike

Ivy Mike

 Norman, Oklahoma, USA

Ivy Mike's music is steeped in the age old arena of rock, with unwavering attentiveness given to smart hooks and melodies, all of which is topped off by touches of musical virtuosity. The heart of the music, though, is the lyrics; clever, soulful and haunting.


Ivy Mike is a band formed by life long musical mates Nathan Harwell (vox, guitars, drums), Arash Davari (lead guitar) and Adam Shockley (bass). Heavily influenced by groups like Cage the Elephant, Pearl Jam, Muse, Switchfoot, etc. The sound is the culmination of years of experience in different musical venues, shaped by personal heartbreak and turmoil. Their debut album, "Giants," was released in April of 2012.

The music is diverse, ranging from raging rock anthems to hushed acoustic ballads (and points in between), but what brings it all together is Harwell's voice and lyrical stylings; his voice easily ramping up or down to fit the moment, and his words knifing through the soundscape to cleverly, and poignantly, deliver his thoughts. It is this marriage of diversity, thoughtfulness, and skill that sets Ivy Mike apart.


Giants (LP) - April 2012