I Will Break Thee

I Will Break Thee

 Orlando, Florida, USA


I Will Break Thee was created in mid 2009 by Shane Bryant as a solo project. Later that year Shane joined forces with friend and guitarist Justin Lunsford and the two began scultping ideas for the band. The main focus of the band is too have well written, well thought out heavy music. Influences of Lamb Of God, Pantera, and Opeth are quite apparent with heavy groove and flow added into the mix. The sound of the music could be compared to a UFC fight. In mid 2010 guitarist Rafiq Basaria began to sit in on demo sessions and was officially added to the band, as well as keyboard player Marc Sugarman. Early January, IWBT recruited drummer Andols Herrick to help record their debut "Welcome To My Kingdom" for a world wide release on August 30th 2011. Halfway through recording the EP permanent bass player Jared Golden, and Drummer Daniel Blume were invited to join the band. The band is currently rehearsing for a fall tour. Coming to a city near you.


2011 Welcome To My Kingdom EP featuring: "Welcome To My Kingdom", "The Irony Of Humanity", "Bloodguilt", "Element", "Hell To Pay", and "The Suffering" parts 1 & 2.