Seeing I WITNESS live is an experience not just a concert. These melodic rocker are set to release their 3rd album.....You haven't heard anything like this Yet!!


One of the best live shows in Canada, this 4 piece from Winnipeg, Manitoba is creating a stir.

After spending the first 3 years composing what would be the songs of their debut album titled “mended”, the band began touring and playing shows in Winnipeg, rural Manitoba and toured as far as the Yukon.

In the fall of 2002 their 1st album “mended” was nominated for Outstanding Rock Recording of the Year at the Canadian PMA’s against the likes of The Watchmen, Sonic Bloom and Nickelback. Selling over 1000 units to date they knew they needed to respond big and to develop their sound.

In 2003 their sophomore release “In Reply” took them to a new level in writing and performing. Robb has come into himself in regards to writing, letting the music flow and allowing lyrics to be formed through the flow. After spending 6 years together they have developed their concerts into more then just going to watch a band. You are drawn in and experience their songs, leaving with a feeling that you have been a part of something.

“In Reply” sold over 1000 units in 6 months and secured them a national distribution deal. 2 singles were featured on the Rock for a Reason compilation disc with Our Lady Peace, 5440, and Finger 11 to benefit the African Aids Crisis.

2004 saw the band share the stage with the likes of Harlequin, Boston, Journey, the Doors, Donnie McDougall of the Guess Who. They played to a crowd of 50,000 people at Winnipeg’s Canada celebration and have defined themselves as one of Canada’s up and comers.

I Witness has always thought big and gone for it, constantly growing and evolving and doing things their own way. What is next? It is a long road to be an overnight success. Their 3rd album will be recorded this winter with Juno Award winning producer Brandon Friesen and if history repeats itself, it will be their best album yet. Their new songs grab you and won’t let go.

Their motto continues through the years, “no limits, and no boundaries



Written By: Robb Reimer

Don’t want to say it to a stranger. Don’t want to say it to your face. Don’t want to say it to your neighbour. Don’t want to waste another day. I can see that something’s stirring. It’s deep inside your soul. You can’t pretend that you were empty, can’t hide the fact that you were whole. I’m all uncovered and yet I’m clothed. I’ve been so sheltered, now I’m exposed. So long to hesitation. So long the conversation. I’ve only begun, don’t want to stop until I’m done. I could barely feel it. I couldn’t tell that I was gone. And I couldn’t bare to hear it, I can’t admit that I was wrong. There’s something so deceiving that makes me try it on my own. There’s nothing like the feeling that there is nothing left to know. Cause it’s the common commotion from river to the ocean. It’s the feeling the notion, the red letter potion that has taken and given and sealed your place in heaven (and haven’t) you been waiting for a sign and praying that you’d find her... I’m all uncovered and yet I’m clothed. I’ve been so sheltered, now I’m exposed. I can’t describe all that I believe. I can’t repay all that I’ve received. Dare you to come down, I’m dying to find out. I dare you to look around while you’re crying your eyes out.

In The Air

Written By: Robb Reimer

You say that if I would ever feel empty, remember the time and day that you met me. The peace in your mind can never be taken. Your spirit had died but now had awakened. If I could be with you. If I could talk to you, I would soar cause there’s something in the air. You say that if I would stop and just listen, you’d show me what I had always been missing. To soften her cry, you talk to your daughter. The same way that I was calming the water. You say that if I would ever be, remember the time you set me free. If I could see you smile and if I could stay for a little while I would soar. Throw another picture on the floor, it’s just another echo to ignore. Put away the pain of yesterday, listen to the music fade away. It’s just another moment left behind, remember that you’re just a passerbye, in just another moment you’ll be there I know that you can feel it in the air.

Long Before

Written By: Robb Reimer

Long before I said I need you. It was long before, I said I’d find you. It was long before I said I knew you. I listened to the knock on empty doors. One more chance to see your footprint or to see your hand in mine. One more underrated hope was sent in just a knick of time. One more chance to tell my story, one more chance to sing a song. One more minute, one more moment. One more chance for me to say. Words can never do you justice as you take my breath away. As open arms were closing quickly, open minds were fading fast. No more leaving words unspoken. No more hiding how I feel. No regrets for all my choices, no more taking time to kneel. One more weakness to uncover, one more chance to make it last.


Distribution- "Spirit River Distribution" www.spiritriver.com

"Mended" - 2001 *Nominated for Prairie Music
Award - Outstanding Rock Recording - 1000 units

"In Reply" - 2003 - Currently 3 Singles on radio - "Tommorrow", " Something I said", " Deep Inside"
"Another Man Died" 30 spins/week - 1500 units
sold since Sept 03'

"Rock for a Reason" - 2003 - Our Lady Peace,
5440, Finger 11, I WITNESS and more. Benefit the
Global Fund, the African Aids Crisis.

Promo Video: www.iwitnessmusic.com/epk
New Release video for - "Tomorrow" - www.iwitnessmusic.com/tomorrow.wma
Samples of both EP's available on website

"Passerbye" - 2006 - Currently 2 Singles on radio - "Long Before", "Stranger"
-release date is set for Febuary 17, 2006

Set List

Long Before
Falls on Me
Far too Long
My Chemical
In the Air
Need to Know
Something I Said
--(Encore Split)--
Another Man Died