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Ghost of Many Faces

Written By: James B. MacKenzie

I see a garden and it flowers
from the hardest cold steel showers
I see a woman and her baby
I see a life that just might save me
I see the Ghost of many faces
somehow know you can't replace it
where is the wind, where is the rain
when you're trying to grow, trying to grow again

I've climbed to heaven and graced its power
I fell back down its ivory tower
Oh there's a million people, million faces,
million worlds, million places,
when are you going to grab yourself again
And I can see the colour of a new day
before the sun begins to shine
and I can see a smile in a tear drop
the crying pain of yesterday
a childs fears don't run away, oh no..

Life is so Rapid

Written By: James MacKenzie

Life is so rapid Lord
sometimes I'm a fool
I drink too much whiskey
and pretend things are cool

Show me your kindness Lord
show me the way
don't let my body
drag me astray

Although I am careful
with each step that I take
I'm human it's easy
to fall from your grace
(back to Chorus)

Wisdom and knowledge
the ones whom I seek
are walking beside me
my Soul theres to keep

(back to Chorus)

Closing the Door to my Heart

Written By: James B MacKenzie

You've ruined my life for the last time
Now I'm taking your pass time
You thought you were pretty clever
but this time...

I'm taking it back
I won't take anymore
I'm turning around and
I'm closing the door... to my Heart.

I've stayed through all these seasons
Now I'm running out of reasons
'Cause you seem to find your pleasure
In stealing all I treasure... So

My mind says stay
My heart says leave
I don't know what the hell to believe
So (Chorus)

Written by: James B. MacKenzie

Our Wilderness is Shrinking

Written By: James B. MacKenzie

Our wilderness is shrinking
rain forests are dying
the sun seems to shine stronger
as the sky she's weaping
tears of acid rain, falling on the grain we're feeding
I can feel the end of time
coming around the corner
I can see the end of time dancing in the trees
I can taste the end of time filling up our waters
I can hear the cries of whales
taste the salt of tears of the years we've wasted
the edge is near
let us take our time to remember

without her... we're going to fade.