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Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


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This band has not uploaded any videos



""Better Than Ever" CD Release Review"

Released for '09, IYAM's "Better Than Ever" CD, a collection of Classic Rock with Heavy Metal theatrics, sounds as fresh and relevant as ever. Since the likes of Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath popularized grandiose, anthem like Hard Rock virtues back in the day, many other sub-genres of Rock have come and gone, but Hard Rock and Metal's appeal had never waned. IYAM prove themselves accomplished purveyors in their own right, displaying said virtues on an album that hits all the right marks: songs built on riffs of unstopable force, slashing lead guitar work, worthy of Randy Rhodes, well crafted and exemplary lyrics that get to the heart of what Metal is all about; and a singer with the rage fire and immediacy to bring it all home. Highlights include "Witches And Warlocks", built on a thundering blues riff, CD opener, "All Is Well", a rocker with soaring hooks, and "Going Through The Motions", with it's Gothic atmoshphere. IYAM's "Better Than Ever" CD is simply well executed and powerful classic Hard Rock. - Rice B. and the RadioIndy.com review team. - Radio Indy

"Iyam's Fans Speak Out"

Are you ready to rock? Ready or not, here IYAM. Well, here they are. Solid performance and production. They could go far in their category. Look for them to do so. -- Station Manager of "Bodeens Hungry Artists"

Great stuff! I added "Dreams In Progress" to WTTI -- Banana Joe Radio.

Kirk...I added a couple of your songs to the station. The Good: Witches And Warlocks - it slams. Nice fat drum sound and great guitar sound. Good beats with some balls. Love it. -- Denise with "Rock Record Company"

"All is Well" and "Dreams in Progress". They are both well written and produced with a heavy driving guitar riff that I love combined with strong vocals. - Peter, Station Manager

I like you guys. You remind me of Metallica but you guys did not go country with it eheh. But I really like your sound alot. Great stuff. I used to be a busch beer dirt roadin Motorhead type in my youth I still like it and you guys made me re think a little. - Dom, Station Manager, Upward Mobility

Kirk and IYAM... Thank you for introducing me to your talent, although I am 60 years old I like hearing every type of music and in fact my son is here with me listening to "Musical Chairs" and we send you our congratulations!!! - Your friends, Ernesto and Emmanuel Cortazar

Cheers Mate..

you f@#king Rock... this made a refreshing change. I've had my head buried in Norse and Sweedish Black and Death for a couple of months now. I have added you to totally-metal music. - Station Manager, Totally-Metal Music

I checked out a few of your pieces, and I like "Majestic Union" the best. Great bass solo. I will add it to "The Wayfarer Project IV - "Energy Bursts" - Station Managaer

"All Is Well" = Excellent song with driving heavy guitar riff and strong vocals. You will definitely listen to this song more than once. -- Station Manager of "Turbo Metal"

Yeahhh!!!! I got your CD today in my mail! Fantastic! I was really jammin, haha. Truly there are 3 on there that are my favorites!!! - Sharlyn Clinton - Houston, TX

GREAT CD. I've been listening to it every time I get in the car, and that's a lot. - Melody Dussetschleger, Lexington, TX

I was checking out your music and I think it's cool sh*t. - Roadie, Ded End

I dig your music so much,that I just had to play it today. - Nick Corsetti

Great Tunes!! I was just at your site listening to some of your songs. Really Good!! Jam-on, - Terry

Cool music. I've been hearing alot about it. Keep in touch, Levi Die Symphony

- Various Iyam Fans

"Iyam's "All Is Well" CD Review"

"All is clearly well in the IYAM camp. Their new CD is just plainly incredible! The talent in each individual member is memorable but joined together as a band, you've got one hell of a band and product! I want to say that the music falls somewhere in with Dream Theater and Rush with a side influence of Satriani.

Starting off the CD with "All Is Well" you get a small sample of what is to follow with the strong sounds both musically and vocally.

"Witches And Warlocks" has a mesmerizing vocal style and the beat will hold you at attention. "Musical Chairs" has a strong Pink Floyd sound and notable lyrics - "We are all things, we are floating, now the end sings, now we leave our Musical Chairs".

"Majestic Union" is a catchy song and would be one for airplay. "Dreams In Progress", "Going Through The Motions", "Climbing The Walls" and "It's All A Show" have lyrical poetry and the music to make these words into some breathtaking songs. -- Laura Haneiko, Houston's Music News

- Houston Music News - Laura Haneiko


Human Sacrifice - Tape
All Is Well - CD
Better Than Ever - CD
In The End - Single
Get Big - Single
Something To Remember - Single



For years songwriting team Kirk Layne, on drums/vocals, and Al Gollehon, on bass/backup vocals cranked out original rock & metal in various projects while working with various musicians in the Houston area.

Developing a unique style of music over the years, early on they invited guitarist Myke Starr to join to make what was then a high energy trio, playing local concerts, clubs and parties in the Houston scene, but mainly fine tuning their style of song writing and recording techniques.

Local drummer Robert Cordray was eventually offered a chance to take over the percussion section when Kirk decided to move up to the front of the stage with the vocals.

The foursome continued to write songs and work in their studio. Eventually releasing their self produced "All Is Well" CD and a remix in 2009 called "Better Than Ever".

The band has played all around the Houston/Galveston area including Moody Gardens, Fitzgerald's, Mellinium, Headquarters, The Axiom, Hoi Paloi, and many other venues.

IYAM has been on a break recently, but with tons of new material being worked on now, the guys are looking foward to doing a tour in 2011. They are currently seeking a record deal and are getting in shape for some hard fun on the road.

If you've never seen IYAM live, you can't imagine what these guys can deliver. It's more of a "Cosmic Awakening" than a Rock Show. Find a chance to experience IYAM. You won't regret it.

Influences: Rush, Black Sabbath/Ozzy, Dio, Pink Floyd, Joe Satriani, Metallica and the list goes on.