Izakaya Heartbeat

Izakaya Heartbeat

 Oslo, Oslo County, NOR


"Super cool underground guitar rock/pop from Norway. Many of these tracks remind us of some of the best underground guitar bands from the United States and Great Britain in the late 1980s and early 1990s. After spinning this album several times we can't help but wonder what other cool obscure artists might be lurking around in Norway...? Ten kickass tracks here including "Narcoleptic Highway," "Gl...ass and Flowers," and "Into The Sun." TOP PICK." - www.babysue.com

"They do a sort of driving early/mid ’90s alt rock thing, mentioning Sonic Youth, MBV, Trumans Water, Unwound, Can, Mudhoney and 100 other bands you know as influences. Their guitar sound is definitely Thurston/Lee, but unlike SY, they have members who can headbang their impressively long locks when locating a locked noise-rock groove."
- www.stereogum.com / Review from by:Larm

"This is one of my favourite albums of 2010 so far, and it’s a great debut from what I believe is a band with a bright future." -http://www.birdssometimesdance.com/

"I blame Izakaya Heartbeat and Altaar for being so good, that everything else this evening just seemed like second best." - http://www.nomusicmedia.com/ review from by:Larm.

"Truly an awesome debut…" - www.allscandinavian.com


2010 - Ancient Asobi/In Arcadia (Handmade)
2013 - Enter - Rainbow Lake (Handmade) jan.17th