Izel's Spiral

Izel's Spiral


Izel's Spiral is innovative, original rock that spans from the very hard to the softer side of rock 'n roll and is sure to please a diverse audience.


One vocalist, one drummer, one lead, one rhythm, one bass. Those are the five elements that make up Chicago rock band Izel’s Spiral, and they need nothing more, nothing less. Since the inception of the band in ’03 the band has worked hard to define and refine their sound into something different. Very hard rock and very power ballad, these guys are versatile enough to play both styles; and they play them well enough to fit almost any radio station format. With a fusion of early 90’s rock and today’s mainstream artists Izel’s Spiral weave the right elements into their unique sound. “If Metallica and Stone Temple Pilots had a child, it would’ve had Bush for step parents and Breaking Benjamin as a distant cousin.” That’s one way to describe the sound Izel’s Spiral creates.

The line up consists of an animated drummer who loves Zeppelin, a technical guitarist who loves nothing but metal, an incorrigible bassist whose first love was punk rock, an inventive guitarist who craves nothing but sweet hooks, and one dark vocalist with nothing but industrial on his mind. With this seemingly obstructive combination they find ways to succeed in blending their independent tastes instead of clashing with their different styles.

With their first EP release in August of 2007 the band stands firm to create an audible buzz for record labels. While songs like “Idyll’ and “Changes In Time” are very radio friendly, other songs such as “As You Burn” and “No Escape” will be filling the venues full of fans eager for their live sound.


Demo (2005)

As You Burn EP (2007)

Set List

A typical set list:

*is generally 8-10 songs (About 45 Minutes)
*usually contains 2 covers

Covers performed include:
Metallica - Master of Puppets, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Fade to Black, Enter Sandman
Stone Temple Pilots – Plush, Sex Type Thing, Wicked Garden (acoustic), Dead and Bloated, Unglued, Creep, Down
Nickelback - How You Remind Me, Figured You Out
Smashing Pumpkins – Zero, Disarm
Stabbing Westward – Shame, What Do I Have To Do
Incubus - Pardon Me
Alice In Chains - Again
Velvet Revolver - Slither
Local H - Bound For the Floor
Silverchair - Tomorrow
Pantera - Walk
Creed - My Own Prison
Puddle of Mudd - Blurry

Set List:
No Escape
Changes in Time
Ill Perception
Under Construction
As You Burn