Our music is very intense and chaotic. We have a high energy live show and a good following. We never cancel or flake on shows and we are always down for last minute shows.


Izeovasis formed in 2007. Playing a lot of shows, they quickly developed a very brutal, high energy live show and a good following. Now with they're new 2008 self titled EP, (recorded by Zach Ohren at Castle Ultimate Studios) they are out to destroy crowds everywhere!!!


The death of an angel

Written By: Jason Bryning

Your pitiful life time of pain
Time to die, he's on his own cloud
The light shines through the doorway
Its time to die, the angel is dead
Bet you thought it was me
Now disguised as a god the death of an angel
The death consumes you
I bet you thought it was me
From grave to grave I search
I wonder, I search
With his death you'll find yourself
From gave to grave you'll find yourself

Your mom walked in...

Written By: Jason Bryning

One day I can sing for them sing for them
One day try to why do you say your right go
Why do you say your right pressure build
Make fun of me no why do you say your right
Why are you crushed now
Stand by your side why are you scared
Who am I I am control yourself
Observe it all now
By yourself now by your suffer now
I tried what it takes to be a man
On my own on my own
I stand as one on my own
You'll get the fuck back off of me
Now it's done you've crossed the fucking line

Soup inside of skin

Written By: Jason Bryning

Now as I look around this fucking hell you created
I can't even tell what it was before
Don't believe what they tell you
Don't believe it now
The storm is coming now
Going under your going under
Can I get back cannot get back
Say what you will this is what got you here
Say what you will don't be scared
Let this truth conquer I wont let it fail
I'll send you six feet under this earth
I will send you six feet under the world
Why is this happening
I won't let you hurt yourself
Rambling these thoughts that go through my head


Izeovasis EP

Set List

Our set time is about 15 minutes:

1. Death of an angel
2. Soup inside of skin
3. The sickest mac dre song ever
4. Shitty wet dream
5. Your mom walked in...

We also do an A Life Once Lost cover called Vulture