IZZ pushes and stretches the bounds of the pop/rock song. Melody is always the key in any song they write and they're never afraid to take the leap into the musical unknown.


Coming from musical backgrounds as diverse as classical, folk, Celtic, Latin and musical theater, the members of IZZ share a common passion for creating adventerous rock. Influenced by The Beatles, Radiohead and Beethoven, IZZ always tries to break the mold of the traditional pop/rock song. IZZ is a live band whose truly unique playing style and songwriting come alive on stage. Speaking of their album, I Move, one reviewer wrote: "It’s not too often you encounter an album where nearly all the songs are potential hits and all the players are stars. But that’s the case with IZZ, an upstate New York quintet whose sophomore effort, "I Move," is destined to be a classic. Throughout the fifteen tracks here, IZZ meld moments of classic prog with radio-ready pop (contemporary and otherwise) with an effortlessness that will leave young upstarts and seasoned veterans alike taking notice. No matter what your favorites wind up being one thing is for sure: you’ll always walk away from this release feeling like you’re in the presence of new masters. Keep an eye on IZZ, they’re bound for great things. "


Anything I Can Dream

Written By: IZZ

i’m stuck inside these four walls
but really they’re not walls
i think i can knock ‘em down
with one good kick
the people here dress straight laced
and really they’re all the same
please tell them i said goodbye
cause i don’t remember their names

i look around
and wonder how
i got to be
polite and dying
i think back when
i was ten
and life could be
anything i can dream

she’s dialing my extension when she could just call
just pray for a network outage
so we can all chill
i woke up late today
i can’t drive in this rain
i’m feeling under the weather and my grandma is sick

ooh is it over
don’t let it fade away
ooh is it over
don’t let it fade away

Rose Coloured Lenses

Written By: IZZ

i said i’d never wait for you to call
but you let me down this time
you never understood how i could love you
don’t punish me for this crime

and i will leave you to be
what do your rose coloured lenses see

what can i do to make you cry
let me think a while
i often wonder why i try
to make you smile

and i will leave you to be
what do your rose coloured lenses see

i’m on
your side
i don’t
know why
it just
seems right


Sliver of a Sun
I Move
Ampersand, Volume 1
My River Flows

Set List

Anything I Can Dream
My River Flows
Late Night Salvation
Spinnin' Round
I Move
Weak Little Lad
The Wait of It All
Star Evil Gnoma Su