Izzi Creo

Izzi Creo


Instrumental trio embracing experimental songwriting. Tendency towards longer compositions with wide array of dynamics, form and sounds without leaving a refreshing groove that people can nod their heads to.


All members met and currently live in Boston MA. Ben McClintock and Dan Romans met in 2006 and began writing music together in 2007. After writing a few songs and performing as a duo they met Peter Wetzel and began writing and performing as a trio. With collective experience and studies in grind-core, jazz, electronic experimentation, latin folk, and dance. They started creating a sound unique to them that has compositional strength and a sonic presentation larger than expected of three instruments.


First EP "Balance and Hypocrites" to be out June 2008.

Tracks - 1. Mothers and Fathers
2. Thank You Lancaster
3. In the Octopus

One track and one video streaming at myspace.com/izzicreo

Set List

Five 7 to 12 minute Songs Including - Mothers and Fathers - Thank You Lancaster - In the Octopus - Greek Life Genocide - an improvisation.