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"Izzie Voodoo - CD - The Push"

Izzie Voodoo is obviously something of a DIY music machine; multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist, multi-this, multi-that!! Yes, Izzie Voodoo does it all herself and she does a bloody good job; 'The Push', turn it up loud folks, is an exhilarating and electrifying outing from this visionary digital experimentalist.
'The Push' is Izzie Voodoo's debut album and she certainly goes all out, no holds barred etc. 'The Push' is dark electronica - pulsatingly and hypnotically rhythmic, heavy and earthy, scintillatingly organic yet totally digital - it works and certainly has teeth. This bugger bites deep and bites hard - and once bitten, you're hooked and under Voodoo's spell. Voodoo's individualistically breathy and sexy vocal style and polished delivery are absolutely suited to her slickly delivered rock electronica; something approaching Kate Bush meets Hawkwind is the end result and what a result!! Now, this may not be for everyone but, I bet many will be surprised with how much they are drawn in to its dark-side - it's quite contagious in a spell-like kinda way. Izzie Voodoo definitely knows how to hold your attention and even after nearly fifty minutes I still felt the need to press 'PLAY' again - intoxicating and morish, 'The Push' had me hooked after just one blast through!
'The Push' is clever for not trying to be too clever - if you get my meaning!! Voodoo takes her music to places that are not too self-indulgent - she could so easily have made 'The Push' too Voodoo-ish and it wouldn't have worked but, she's managed to get a really nice blend of normality in with the abnormal! Voodoo keeps it all accessible and believable to even the most anti-electro heads out there. And, Voodoo has even managed to keep her electronic dirges just on the right side of commercially acceptable; they have an inherent pop sensibility about them and several would work well if released as singles. Yes, Izzie Voodoo is one shrewd operator!!
'The Push' by Izzie Voodoo could so easily have failed, totally and utterly. But, Izzie Voodoo's canny way has come up trumps; 'The Push' works on so many levels and is a really enjoyable modernistic work of a very high standard. 'The Push' certainly kept me entertained and smiling from start to finish - I think Izzie Voodoo has got it absolutely spot-on and 'The Push' is sufficiently open to all-comers to make it a potential gold mine. Izzie Voodoo is clearly a gifted musician and her experimental bent totally suits this electronically biased genre - and, electronic music aint gonna go away any time soon so I can see nothing but success for Izzie Voodoo and her darkly earthy digital musical world. 'The Push' by Izzie Voodoo is a crackin' album of the times - it's well conceived and superbly performed and I hope Izzie Voodoo get the plaudits she deserves. Great stuff!!
Peter J Brown aka toxic pete
- (www.toxicpete.co.uk)

"Izzie Voodoo"

'She could be the twisted cousin of Goldfrapp with tracks that veer in between dark electronica torch songs a la Massive Attack with some industrial stuff thrown in and catchy pop affairs with so many twists turns as you might expect from Sparks. Exuding all the confidence and and clinical prowess of a martial arts fighter on every off the wall, menacing, exhilarating, infectious track. You'll know exactly when to let go and let yourself get carried away in the vortex of big beats, bigger choruses and layers of sultry, breathy vocals.' - Paul le Hat

"One Woman Dynamo"

izzie Voodoo is a one woman dynamo from Barnsley who creates a dirty, dark electronica sound on her debut album 'The Push'. The first adjective that comes to mind when hearing this album is 'home-made'. That will probably sound like a criticism, but in this age of DIY music being spread to the masses through the internet, 'home-made' no longer means 'bad'. The home made feel comes from the approach of using simple, repetitive beats on the majority of the tracks and then layering the vocals and bass over the top.
This is not complicated music, but the best music shouldn't have to be complicated to be interesting. The best and most memorable music often is very simple and this is memorable music. It's also nicely varied. If this was one of those albums where all the tracks sounded the same it would be a dire listening experience, but the variety works very well.

From the publicity photos available izzie seems to be trying for the electronica/goth/industrial crossover market and the track where this flavour comes most to the fore, 'Chaos', is ironically the weakest on the album. The musicianship is excellent and the vocal delivery exhilarating, but the lyrics have an ill judged sci-fi overtone that just seems to be trying too hard. I love sci-fi and I love Industrial Electronica, but these are two things that should not be mixed. However the other styles are approached very well. 'Least Resistance' is pure Trip-Hop and if I'd been told it was by Massive Attack or Portishead I would not have been at all surprised, 'Neat 17' is classic down-tempo electronica that is eerily effective and 'Xylene' comes across as an electronica remix of The White Stripes.

The true stand-out tracks on the album however are 'Sound', 'Play Bomb' and 'The White Line'. 'Sound' was a finalist in a VH1 sponsored song writing contest last year and it fully deserved to be. It's a pulsing, exciting electro thrill ride of a track. 'Play Bomb' is a self-confessed poppy and tongue-in-cheek track that has a truly hypnotic beat layered with fun lyrics that you will be singing to yourself for days and 'The White Line' has a dark, disturbing sound and a virtually spoken-word lyric dealing with cocaine. It's an unexpected pleasure to have at the end of the album and feels like a cross between Grandmaster Flash's 'White Lines' and PF Project's 'Choose Life'. For these three tracks alone the album is worth spending the very reasonable price of £6.95.

I'm torn about the future of izzie Voodoo. If she got snapped up by a major label, which her excellent music deserves, she would undoubtedly be encouraged to make the music more complex and deeper. Part of me would like to hear that, but another part of me knows that this simplistic, exciting approach skips straight past your critical faculties and buries itself in the pleasure centres of the brain. Whatever the future, for right now this is a great album that everyone with an interest in dark electronica should own.

'The Push' is currently available on iTunes, 'Sound' is being released as a physical single on 7th July and the physical release of 'The Push' is July 21st.
- Ouroborous podcast


The Push (album) 2008
Sound (EP) 2008
Control Freak EP (promo only)



A name that sticks in your head.
A name that came out of the mouth
of the mate of a girl who went to
great lengths to ignore all musical trend
and go her own way -
and said because he felt that what he
had heard had cast a spell.

And boy, does it ever?

iZZiE's music conjures something that stays
effervescing in your head in a pop induced
frenzy for days, tantalizing your musical taste
buds with genre bending flavours that cross
synthpop, electroclash, rock and dance with
an industrial buzz, an occasional gothic
undertone, a tinge of something sparkly
from the 80's, and enough eccentricity to be
genuinely English.

How could you fail to like it?

The Promo "Control Freak E.P." is Izzie's
most delicious offering to date, comprising
three hook- laden shimmering jewels of songs
that would all justly adorn the upper reaches
of the charts.

At the start of this year, a preliminary version
of the title track was entered into the huge
'Song Of The Year's January round, only to be
inadvertently overlooked! Apparently S.O.T.Y's
organisers were so incensed by this, believing it
to be such an excellent song, that they re -
entered it for her in March. It wowed a judging
panel of Grammy Award Winners, major record
labels, individuals from Rolling Stone Magazine,
professional songwriters and individuals who have
worked with world renowned rock and pop stars -
and proceeded to crash directly to the winning post,
taking Song Of the Year '09 by storm -
all before it was even out of the studio.
Now ready for the public, the promo has already
received some preliminary radio play and
is being touted as a major hit for the future by
all who have heard it.

There are plenty more excellent original songs
in iZZiE's locker. Last year's 12 track offering was
met with considerable plaudits and critical acclaim,
being described by various music journalists as
"modern fire with 80's electro, laced with punk
energy and pop seasoning"; "slickly delivered
rock electronica"; and "an exhilarating and
electrifying outing from this visionary digital
The lead single "Sound" was itself a 2007 Song
of the Year award finalist. Unfortunately the
opportunity for the album to reach the mass
audience that it deserved and to scale the heights,
was lost through the amateurish bungling of the
release record label which procured sub-standard
mastering, inappropriate marketing and PR and
inadequate distribution and which eventually folded.
The album was temporarily deleted in the new year
at iZZiE's direction with the intention of releasing
a revamped version once a suitable label has
been identified.

Free of her previous label, iZZiE is supported
for now by her own enterprise,
Lippy Trip Records (PR), which she originally
launched to promote electronica crossover bands
and artists in connection with her genre - busting
and highly acclaimed worldwide promotion podshow,
VQS New Music (aka The Voodoo Quota Show).

The songs from the "Control Freak EP" and a selection
from the album, including dance favourite "Sound",
the spine chillingly vivid "Dry Heat" and hugely popular
'rock-song' "Pyromania" form the basis of iZZiE's
dramatic live set. Along with stage cohorts,
Lawrence Mahmood (electric bass/projection imagery)
and Sarah Bird (additional vocals), 'iZZiE Voodoo Live'
takes every show audience by storm, parading iZZiE's
outstanding material, with as much determination
and vibrancy as you might expect from someone who
is steeped in theatre and martial arts.

We, then? We stand enlightened and refreshed and
we watch the show unfold until the right major label
deservedly swings in izzie's direction