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In The Beginning . . . . . . .

In early 90’s the Bay Area hip hop scene was emerging as a hotbed for new creative expression. Out of this creative hotbed was a group from the South Bay by the name of The Dereliks. As an original member of The Dereliks, IZZ along with DJ Hen shared the stage with many hip hop legends that included KRS-ONE, OUTKASTS, ONYX, BRAND NUBIAN, THA ALKAHOLIKS, and THE FUGEES to name of a few. The Dereliks made their mark and stamped out a place in hip hop history with their release “A Turn on the Wheel Is worth More Than a Record Deal”. The Dereliks received national publicity in hip hop publications such as Vibe Magazine and The Source. As the 90’s came to an end The Dereliks as a crew disbanded and IZZ went on to start a solo career. In his new venture as a solo artist IZZ is already making waves in the music industry being featured on Traxamillion’s mix tape Slap Addict with the song “Gas Skrape”, which was featured on the first season of MTV’s Rob and Big.

The Here and Now . . . . . . .

IZZ is currently working on his latest project entitled “Heavy Metal Music” which is slated to be released in spring of 2009. “This will be what kicks off wherever we go next”, says IZZ about “Heavy Metal Music”. With a cache of new music that ranges from party influenced “Put It In Reverse” to “I AM”, a revealing song that explores IZZ’s journey of where he’s come from to where he is now in his life. The overall aim of IZZ’s latest release is to “liven up the hip hop game and bring something new that hip hop has been missing”, says IZZ when asked to describe the focal point of “Heavy Metal Music”. IZZ also adds that he “wants a sound so unique that he wants other people to tweak there to stuff to sound like me, not tweaking my sound to sound like someone else”. After touring the west coast, being featured on Bay Area hip hop producer Traxamillion’s debut Slap Addict, as well as having videos put out for his songs “Gas Skrape” and “Cold World”, IZZ is ready to put his own unique stamp on The Bay’s hip hop scene.

Into Tomorrow . . . . . . .

“Performing with the help of good folks around”, says IZZ when asked where he sees his himself in the upcoming future in terms of his musical career. As solo artist, IZZ has already shared stages with legendary hip hop artists such as E-40, C-BO, Keek Da Sneak, and Too $hort. IZZ has aspirations of going global and having his music heard throughout the world, hearing his music in commercials, and garner recognition that people know his name when a song of his is played on the radio. With a reliable fan base, a slew of music already available for purchase, and music videos, IZZ is on his way to being that recognized figure and another success story to come out of The Bay’s music scene.


Gas Skrape "Single" -2008
Heavy Metal Music Mixtape - 2009