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Izzy B the FSG

Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Band Pop Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Who is Izzy B?"

Who is Izzy B? A 12-year-old female rapper who has worked with Andre 3000 and Chris Brown. Best part of this ultra-catchy piece of pop? The call-and-response 'Uh-huh's'. Oh, and the information she's given about herself: - Blender Magazine

"IzzyB’s “Sharpie” Music Video"

IzzyB, 12-year-old rap sensation (probably), sings about Sharpies, which are friends that stay permanent and never fade away. Move over, Kidz Bop. - BUZZFEED.COM

"Meet Izzy B, the Rapping and Dancing 12-Year-Old Girl"

Meet Izzy B, the Rapping and Dancing 12-Year-Old Girl 7Comments "Sharpie" is her first release, and it is the song that will be stuck in your head today. - New York Magazine

"12-Year-Old Rapper Drops Wisdom: "You Need A Sharpie In Your Life!""

See, you don't need a temporary friend — a pencil or a pen — always trying to leave when you're really in need… you need a sharpie in your life, one who's permanent and true! - JEZEBEL

"Check out 12-year-old Izzy B, the blackest little white girl about to viral."

zzy B has released her first song, “Sharpie”, (yes, the pen) on YouTube and I’m pretty sure this lil’ chica will do just fine in the music industry. Sure, “Sharpie” isn’t exactly what I wanna be jammin’ to on a Friday night, or any night for that matter, but the kids will love Izzy.
“Sharpie” might be annoying to you and I, but you gotta admit, girl has some mad skillz on the mic! And she can dance. I guess, heh. Props to lil’ Izzy. Maybe she can bump Bieber out of the ballpark. - CELEBRITYSMACKBLOG.COM

"Your Best Friend=Sharpie"

Izzy B, a 12-year-old rapper, tells it like it is: “You don’t need temporary friend—a pencil or a pen— always trying to leave when you’re really in need. You need a Sharpie in your life— one who’s permanent and true!” - Bust Magazine


IzzyB's First Release "Sharpie"
"Ain't Nuthin' Changed" - mixtape single
"Hot Regardless" - mixtape single
"Ugly On the Inside"
"In Luv Wit My Radio" - Coming Soon



Hey everybody what's up? It’s ya girl Izzy B The FSG (FriendScents Girl 4 those who don’t know.. lolz). I'm a Precious Pineapple Girl - sweet, full of flavor and oh so nice!

Lemme introduce you to my world! I'm a rapper, dancer, and actor. I’ve performed with Andre 3000, Chris Brown & DJ Unk. I have also performed at Disneyland and in Broadway shows such as “The Wizard of Oz”, “Annie” and “The Wiz”. I've worked with Mia Michaels & Shane Sparks of “So You Think You Can Dance” and have been in a lot of commercials.

But, that was then and this is now. Welcome 2 the future....

I'm Izzy B: The first artist for FriendScents Entertainment. What is Friendscents? FriendScents is Friendship, Music, Perfume, Fashion, and just a lot of Fun!! I am working on my album and the first release is “Sharpie” and it goes hard!!! LOL! My life has been crazy lately from recording in the studio to rehearsing for performances but its all worth it! I love all types of music but hip hop is my life!!! I love to write and turn my thoughts into music!