Izzy James

Izzy James

 Monroe, New York, USA

Retro R&B/Soul with a dash of jazz/pop featuring infectious grooves and strong lyrically. Unique sounding big lead vocals(comparisons to Luther Vandross, Will Downing) and lots of horns. Message is definitely in the music but hopefully not preachy

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Caught Up

Written By: James McLoryd

Trying to hold on
I feel so lonely since you've been gone
You made it oh so clear
that you were crying your very last tear

Pre chorus
I blew
my last chance of loving you
I lost you
now I live with heartache
through & through

Caught Up in Lovin'(background repeats)
and my hear is turning inside out

Verse 2
Looking back I see
that it was always about me
It must have seemed that I just
did not care
and I took for granted
you'd always be there for me

Pre chorus

Caught Up in Lovin'(repeats)
and my heart is turing inside out
Caught Up in Lovin'
now I know what pain is all about
Caught Up in Lovin'
You're the one thing I can't live without
Caught Up in Lovin'


A Call to Conscience- CD