J. C. Bligen

J. C. Bligen

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Singer/Songwriter, Producer, Author, and Solo Artist


Many artists arrive on the music scene having to figure out who they are, and what their core message is. Others break forth with a clear vision of themselves, as well as the clear message they want to put to music; allowing the music to essentially write it’s self. J. C. Bligen fits securely in the later category. His single “Everybody Needs To Know Jesus,” is a rhythmic mix of urban gospel, and R&B/Soul.  Recorded, and mixed in his home studio, with lyrics that call to memory a time when he was gravely ill, saying: “He was there when my health began to fade, some thought I’d die, but His love revives.”

 A New York native raised in South Carolina now living in Georgia, in the Atlanta area; Bligen took piano lessons as a child, but was unable to master the ivory keys. He explains, “I wasn’t patient enough to practice into perfection, and consequently gave up on learning the piano. I started writing and recording songs in my 20’s in New York, and hired composers to compose music to my songs. Later I found that I could compose my own songs using midi. I then took a course in audio engineering at SAE-Atlanta Institute, where I further honed my skill as a music producer and composer.” After graduating from SAE he starting writing and with his new skills as a recording engineer, he started recording again.

 J. C. is currently working on his first full CD project, which will be dropping in the summer of 2016 and independently distributed. He states, “The project will be very personal. There will be personal experiences, things the Lord has revealed, and even some social conscious songs on the album.” J. C. Bligen is doing it his way, writing and producing songs, which are the culmination of his life experiences and is sure to garner him the notoriety he so greatly deserves.    


Everybody Needs To Know Jesus

Written By: J. C. Bligen

I know there are times when you're worried, and there's time when trouble's hard to bear. Times when you think no one's there to help you, but I know a man, yes I know a man.

Though you know that troubles don't last always, still there are the things that bring you fear. When you just want someone you can count on, I give you Jesus, the one I adore.

He's the one who always brings me joy, when I'm down, or when I'm low. He's the only one who can make things right, when I'm wrong, when I've done wrong.

Everybody needs to know Jesus
Everybody needs to know Jesus

Now I know that friends are hard to come by, and close friends are sometimes hard to find. Jesus is a friend who will stick closer than any brother, you can find.

He was there when my health began to fade, some thought I'd die, but His love revives. And in those times, when I've walked away from him, he came, came to find me.

Everybody needs to know Jesus
Everybody Needs to know Jesus - To end


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