J. Shaw

J. Shaw

 Lithonia, Georgia, USA
SoloHip Hop

My music represents party & bulls**t with a social conscience. I'm the leader of Goonie Nation where, "We stand for something so we never fall for anything."


“You can hear a million ‘No’s’ but it only takes one ‘Yes.’

Atlanta transplant J Shaw is an artist who has heard his share of “no’s” over the years but, despite layers of adversity that have come his way, he’s kept his vision alive, always finding a way through.

Shaw’s musical aspirations began when he first heard legendary Tupac Shakur’s “I Get Around.” But, interestingly enough, it was a scene from the film The Great White Hype, featuring none other than Method Man rapping, that truly set the artist on course, inspiring him to not only to perform but to dig into the craft of songwriting as well. And drawing from influences as diverse as LL Cool J, Rakim, DMX, and Eminem, among others, Shaw began to hone his signature style, forming a sound that was all his own.
But the growing artist quickly learned that launching a career in music was tough and money soon became an issue. Making an admittedly poor decision, Shaw took to dealing drugs for a short-lived time but saw through the lies and violence that life foretold and soon left the life in order to work a series of blue collar jobs. And, fully invested in his dream, the single father of two even went to the greatest of extremes, selling his home in order to have a budget to pursue his music full time.

Opportunities to learn soon came along as well, the artist earning the chances to work with a who’s who list of hip-hop stars while interning as a studio engineer. Those he was fortunate enough to work with included Dallas Austin, T.I., Young Jeezy, Usher, and 808 Mafia. But perhaps the most influential contact made there was with Khujo Goodie of Goodie Mob, with whom he would collaborate with to write the track, “Another Day, Another Dollar.”

Those experiences have helped Shaw to grow and to maintain his focus on his musical mission, seeking to deliver something memorable, positive, and original in a world of hip-hop that’s often known more for conformity.

Speaking to that mission, Shaw shares, “When fans reflect on my career, I want them to remember me as an artist who brought authenticity and truth to his craft. I would like to be known as a lyricist with music that inspires and uplifts anyone going through trials and tribulations.”

And Shaw’s bringing his fans along for the ride, offering them continual behind the scene looks and unprecendented access to interact with and engage the artist. It’s all part of his dream of becoming one of the greatest MC’s ever while providing flame of inspiration to his fans, inviting them to pursue their dreams and to truly live life to the fullest.


Scottie Doesn't Know (2011)
Cars and Money (2012)
Mrs. Know It All (2013)

Down to Business (D2B) (EP) 2014

Wilson (2014)

No Days Off (2014)

23's (The Message) (2014)

Elevators or Escalators (Feb 2015)