Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

J4F’s music is a raw, powerful and harsh new sound with multi-tongue lyrics (English, Portuguese, Catalan and Spanish) that refer to the plight of the world and current society. A non-stop session of Electro, Rock & Groove where everything is played, sung and manipulated in strictly live.


J4F's second record, "Live at Nautilus", shows a shift to a more raw sound than that of their previous album, "World Groove", whilst still maintaining the rhythmic essence that has always characterised the band. The harshness of this new sound is seen not only in the music (Electro, Rock, Groove), but also in the lyrics (in Catalan, Portuguese, Spanish and English) that echo, both literally and metaphorically, the plight of the world and current society. The performance is planned as a non-stop DJ-style session, a seamless music ‘continuum' where everything is played, sung and brought together live.

*2006: the band formed in Barcelona.

*2007: rehearsals and first performances in Barcelona, Catalonia, and Spain. Began recording their first record, "World Groove", an entirely self-produced album.

*2008: "World Groove"’s premiere on 1st April in the legendary Luz de Gas club in Barcelona. This was followed by a series of performances that soon led to the band receiving wide recognition. They won 3 awards at varied festivals (Festinoval'08 and XV Mostra de Jazz de Tortosda), played at both the renowned Catalan SenglaRock festival (sharing the stage with AssTrio) and the popular Festes de Gracia (Barcelona), and became part of the emerging group selection of Barcelona "Emergents + aprop" '08-'09.

*2009: presentation tour of Catalonia's main venues organised by the Association of Concert Halls of Catalonia -ASACC-). These included the opening of the Black Music Festival in Salt (Girona), sharing the stage with both national artists (Txell Sust, Arianna Puello, Gnaposs, Mala Rodríguez ...) and international artists (Living Colour, Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings) and the support slot of Mala Rodríguez at Salamander in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona). The tour ended in April at the renowned Jamboree in Barcelona. In the summer, they performed at Barcelona's Razzmatazz-3, at the XVI Mostra de Jazz de Tortosa (along with Diego "El Cigala", Take 6 and The Orginal Jazz Orchestra of Taller de Músics), at the Sant Miguel Mas i Mas Festival in Barcelona (with various artists) and at the XXI Festival Altaveu Frontera in Sant Boi de Llobregat (sharing the stage with Las Migas and Carles Dènia, and featuring alongside well-known groups such as The Pepper Pots, Love of Lesbian, Eliseo Parra, amongst many others).

*2010: winter roadshow organised by Artists En Ruta AIE (Association of Artists & Performers), travelling across the country (Mallorca, Madrid, Cadiz, Ceuta, Galicia, Burgos, Basque Country). In summer, they participated in the macrofestival "Montjuïc de Nit" in Barcelona (sharing the stage with Manel Camp & Llibert Fortuny and Lucrecia, amongst others). For the second consecutive year, they performed at the San Miguel Mas i Mas Festival in Barcelona (alongside Defunkt Soul and Lurine Cato & Barcelona Gospel Messengers) and the 22nd Mercat de Música Viva de Vic (MMVV '10).

*2011: the band moved into a Trio, without lead singer. The year is dedicated to creation, experimental work in studio and rehearsals, resulting in a new material that carries each member’s footprint and passion.

*2012: during spring the band recorded their second album, "Live at Nautilus", which directly reflects the essence of the new sound and staging: strict live. The preview of the new show is revealed in June in Barcelona, at venue Apolo[2].


"World Groove" (2008)
"Live At Nautilus" (2012)