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Born in St. Louis, Missouri, this former Radio Disc Jockey achieved local fame throughout St. Louis, MO, Jefferson City, MO, Chicago, IL and now Atlanta, GA. He divides his loyalties between producing local artists (Rap, Jazz, Gospel, and R&B), engineering his professional recording studio, being a small business owner of Computer Pro o f Georgia, LLC (computer repair service), in addition to writing and producing his own rap tunes, as well as producing music for others.

Pastor Reginald Blanchard A.K.A. J4J (“Just 4 Jesus”) is a motivational Pastor, rapper/singer, songwriter & music producer, who started performing at the age of 14. He attended Visual and Performing Arts High School in St. Louis, Missouri and won several Missouri state and local rap competitions. He was nominated best Holy Hip Hop Artist 2006 by The Atlanta Gospel Choice Awards, best Holy Hip Hop Artist 2007 by The Youth Gospel Entertainment Awards, won best song of the year 2007 for the song “This is for the church” which was written and produced by him and was performed by him and female rapper Sparky D.

He began his ministry by ministering to the youth at The Dekalb County Youth Detention Center in Decatur, Georgia. Reginald Blanchard was a Youth Pastor at Adullam Bible fellowship (non-denominational) located in Lithonia, Georgia but now he ministers at churches and events nationwide to empower and strengthen the youth, as well as teaching youth bible study, at various churches and various functions. In the past Blanchard (formerly known as Mad Mobster) has performed, as a rapper, for the National Beauticians Association’s hair shows, many Universities in various cities, in nightclubs in over 100 cities, and was the headliner for the St. Louis Rams Charity Benefit in 2000. In 2002, he performed at The Atlanta Black Music Convention for music attorney Roy Miller, was a guest host (via phone) of Off The Top Radio Show (WGBB AM 1240 – New York), and has 13 years experience as a radio D.J. and sound engineer. He has released 3 albums and has sold over 20,000 albums worldwide including “Follow Me To The Club,” which reached number 17 on the DMX Music Charts. He currently ministers at The Atlanta Women’s Day Shelter and at many churches and events nationwide.

Blanchard provided music for the television show “Community Showcase”, which airs in Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles. He has produced music for many independent artists, in the U.S. and Canada, such as child Hollywood actor John Biggs, Sparky D, and a host of independent recording artists. He is on the advisory board for Triune Ministries of Atlanta and is one of the board members of Crunk Kids Network with Mark Peay who was the music director for singer Kelly Price. With his own professional recording studio and a catalogue of more than 2,000 rap, jazz and R&B & gospel tunes, Blanchard is a member of ASCAP as a songwriter and a music publisher.


Who Knew

Written By: Reginald Blanchard

Who knows the devil’s trying to take your life
Who knows that God is the answer and not the drink from the glass or the crack pipe

Who knew that I’d be rapping and preaching bible teaching
A single parent with 5 kids church on the weekend

Who knew that God would make a better man
And women passed me up even Tina thought she had a better plan

Keep your eyes on the prize if you wise
God removed all the people in my life fake wearing a disguise

How many Christian women look at me now
It’s all about Christ so don’t even try to put your hooks in me now

See I’m the same man with 5 kids
You turned me down for a brother who had one and never took care of his

And I ain’t trying to do no finger pointing
But I bring to the table a prayer warrior, Elder, and God’s anointing

All the people in the church need to wake up now
If you mad at me well it’s time to make up now

Who knew that people tried to use me up
Who thought that Randy and Kevin would be the only friends I had to pick me up

Cause man I’m seeing lonely times
But God need me right now with no distractions to make holy rhymes

Who knew that I can sing and rap too
Who knew that all the words in the bible’s true just like the sky’s blue

This is a world I can’t adapt to
Cause evil men are all around don’t let the devil try to trap you

Who knew that I would be what I am?
Who knew that I would be what I am?
Who knew that I would be all God wants me to be?

Repeat 1X

Who knew that I would turn to gospel rap
Who ever thought that I could be the same man to make your hands clap

I never that I would be divorced
I never knew that I would end up in jail seeing my parents in court

Who ever thought I’d leave St. Louis and head south
And give my life to Christ sing praises from my mouth

I never knew my sister would die in07
I preached at her funeral happy cause she’s in heaven

I’ve seen people come and go
I pray for the people who listening thinking that there’s no hope

Who knew that rap music was effective
Who knew that under the blood of Jesus you can get the full protection

I got a word for the lost now
If you never gave your life to Christ the devil is your boss now

So won’t you please stop wasting time
And get your bible cause it’s vital that you turn to Romans 10:9

Who knew that I would be what I am?
Who knew that I would be what I am?
Who knew that I would be all God wants me to be?

Repeat 2X


I'm The One (2001), Lyrical Murderer (2002) Living it up (2007)
Can be purchased at ALL major music download sites.

Set List

2 -3 songs, 15 min time frame, typically but can do a full set up to 1 hour. Can also do motivational speaking and/or teaching, and preaching.