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"Georgian women have to be active but modest"

Tamar Balavadze awarded the representatives of glossy magazines said:

“Our magazines are full by sexist photos,” she said. “Over 1/3 of them are sexist… For example, when our famous singer Jaba Karseladze was asked when he paid the most for a woman, he answered ‘500 bucks and she was really good.”

The popular magazine Bomondi was announced the most sexist in Georgia, and Kakadu was awarded the prize for the most discriminative photo.

A clip of the beer ‘Aluda’ was announced to be the most sexist advertisement, and the creators were awarded the beer ‘Medluda,’ produced by GenderMediaCaucasus. However, the association could not find the creators of the clip and the prize was handed to Paata Kereselidze who was announced a “gender sensitive operator and director.”

In spite of the fact that the whole event was held in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere-with humorous scenes, music and dancing-the event was

dedicated to a quite serious problem. Sexism, discrimination against people based on their sex, is a global problem.

- Georgia Today


Young, but singer Jaba Karseladze promptly typing popularity has registered in the Internet to the address of www.jaba.ge
To the musician it is not only creative career, but also modelling. To contact the young man and its producer it is possible on English version page of its site. - Liza.ge


Sometimes the nature creates genetically unrelated, but externally very similar people. More shortly, doubles. What for it does it not clearly, but it turns out very cheerfully.
To young Georgian singer Jaba Karseladze has inexpressibly carried, it has a double, yes not the simple guy, and the present star - the soloist of group " Smash ".

Jaba and Sergey Lazarev are similar against each other as twins. There are similarities and in their characters.
Sergey was born on 1-st of April, Jaba - on 1-st of May. However, Sergey is more senior for 3 years.
Both prefer the Japanese kitchen and natural juices. Sergey has a senior brother, and Jaba - the senior sister.

Both one and the second often travel, extreme kinds of sports and sports cars love.
Jaba, also as well as group " Smash ", the frequent visitor in children's homes. Charities - a part of their creative life.
At last, both of the musician idols of girls.

There are also differences. Sergey has cast in the lot with theatre, Jaba - the future businessman, it studies in the Higher school of Business.
The Russian is indifferent to animals, well and the young Georgian adores dogs, it owns dogs of six different breeds.

We hope one day they will meet each other and they'll wonder how they are similar to each other.

© by liza.ge - LIZA.GE


"I will wait for you" - Album (2005)

"The day after tomorrow" - Single



Jaba Karseladze was born 1.05.86
finished secondary school N 165, studies at "Caucasus School of Business"

Jaba is one of the most popular singer in Georgia. He has recorded 1 album – "I will wait for you" (2005).
Song "The day after tomorrow" was on the first position for about 20 weeks on Georgian Air played charts.
Singer has performed in various concerts and TV shows.

Fond of Music from 6 years old.

Producer: Nato Dumbadze