JABBERWOCKY has all the influences of 70s anthem to present rock, stripped to the bare necessities – groove, rhythm, funk and heavy guitar. This sound, combined with caterwaul vocals, an energetic stage presence, and lively audiences creates one of the better shows in the Southern Ontario area.


An international power trio, this band comes from 3 different nations; Canada, United States, and Scotland.

The album is called '47'. This number has appeared in a variety of instances throughout JABBERWOCKY's adventures. It has served as inspiration to continue when it looked like time to call it quits in the early days. It has served as confirmation that the right members were in the band (it's amazing what a birthday card, dinner receipt, venue addresses, license plates, and studio clock can have in common). Every time there is doubt, the number arrives to remind the band of the connection to each other and to the music.

The music itself is addictive, not only to listeners, but to the band members as well. The lyrics are based in the definition of JABBERWOCKY (see Lewis Carroll), so they make sense of nonsense. This allows the band to communicate even more potently through the music itself, rather than relying solely on the lyrics.


Demo Album: JABBERWOCKY '47'

The single 'Ashbridge' has been featured on the ROCK 95 Charity disc in 2006, as well as being featured in a variety of indie online stations and podcasts.

Set List

Typically JABBERWOCKY performs an intense 45min set.

Songs typically included in a set are all original and include the following:

Giddy Yup
Black Ink
Little Manners