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"Shawn and Jacaranda"

Shawn and I worked in the well-loved Buyback department of our college bookstore and became pretty good friends. …
Early this year he started sending me emails about this band he was in, Jacaranda. He said he did some vocals and played the banjo. At that point, I decided there was no way in hell I was going to catch the act. How many of us have friends who are in "bands" and have gone and supported them in an incredible display of camaraderie only to discover too late that our friend's band is horrific and there isn't one positive thing to say about the whole experience? That's what I dreaded. And the question kept popping up--how could a banjo improve a rock band?
Earlier this week, Shawn sent another email saying come and check us out. I decided to go. Thursday, 10 PM at a place called "The Garage" in the Valley. Excellent. So at 9:20 I leave my apartment, stop at the ATM, and take my sweet time. Thankfully, I hit every red light on the way. I almost turned back when helicopters circled above the vicinity of where I was headed. "Why oh why did I come? Why didn't I bring any one with me?!" After finding a parking spot and running to The Garage, I sized up the joint. Painted comic book orange red flames licking up the outer walls, people smoking out front and a jumbo billboard advertising Tecate beer to the right of the establishment were not welcoming signs. Shawn sees me upon entering… and I'm stuck there - with the news that they go on around 11:30, not 10.
I chat with Shawn for a bit, let him buy me a drink. He circulates with his other friends and I ask the others who they are there to see. "Jacaranda," "the last band, Jacaranda," "my friends' band, Jacaranda - they're great!" That's a good sign. I ask them what makes them so great? (They have a banjo after all, ya know.)
"Oh, the energy, the good times, the 70's funk feel they transmit, and of course - they're my friends!" Alright. I can take that. However, this was countering all of the cool phrases that I was coming up with for a nascent article ripping them apart.
After waiting through a decent punk band, and a horrendously bad trio, Jacaranda finally takes the stage.
Tonight's theme was Pimp night - a previous theme remembered fondly was the Muppets - and the group fit the part well. Ostentatious gold chains, tight wildly decorated shirts, floppy felt hats, and sexy attitudes were seen in all 6 members. After previously hearing the terms "banjo," "70s funk," and "friends" associated with Jacaranda, then checking out the attire, I was even more nervous about what to expect.
After the first song, "Chewbacca," it was over for me. I knew I had to readjust my thinking. I'm a fan. I can admit it quite openly, actually. I'm a diehard punk fan, listen to opera, dig jazz, and was bowled over by a band named Jacaranda that cannot adequately be labeled by one genre. The six members gelled in a way that surprised me considering they've only been around for a year and a half. They displayed an amazing melodic complexity that was a joy to hear.
I don't have much experience with 70s funkadelic grooves, aside from the occasional Blackspoitation movie, and now I want to go out and buy all kinds of Isaac Hayes CDs. And they not only did funk well, but early 50s rock/blues rhythms, a Southern religious revival style, and back again. The guitar players were incredible, not in trying to outdo each other, but in complimenting each other's abilities. The vocal textures- from multi part harmonies to each singer's unique talents- employed on most songs were something that you don't hear every day and were impressive. In addition to the rotating six players they have on the stage (Jason and Bob switch between lead/rhythm guitar, keyboards, drums, and vocals, Luis does lead vocals, tenor sax, and rhythm guitar, Shawn plays the banjo, dances and occasionally sings, Tom plays an awesome funk guitar, and Tony plays the bass), they brought up the occasional guest Duplex." Amy, a previous Jacaranda member, now residing in New Zealand, was on hand and led the group in "I Love Trees." The antics that Luis, Jason, and Shawn performed during their self-described "boy band homage" - "Well Hung Boys" - kept the audience alternately singing along in mock celebration of teen pop and laughing out loud with the dance routines.
If you have a spare evening, I highly encourage you to see Jacaranda. Even if it is midnight, and they do have a banjo and they have theme nights. Very rarely do you get the opportunity to not only watch a great band perform, but get to carry on in the antics along with them. Yes, the majority of their followers are friends, but they ALWAYS show up to EVERY show. That says something about the band itself. They are truly a fantastic band to experience. Especially if you have the cool lighting effects guy that was at the bar tonight.
After leaving punk concerts, I feel the need to get the rage ou - www.literarybrothel.com


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LA Greens 2003 - Green Party compilation CD
TEX - The Elected Soundtrack

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A funk and pop driven group that reaches out to use all sides of rock, Jacaranda forges a strong sense of individual style out of the eclectic. For six years, Jacaranda’s frenetic and captivating shows have delivered to audiences from Los Angeles to New York a powerfully unique experience--at times engaged in wild comedy, at times spouting political ideology, at times dressed as legendary characters from children’s television, and always changing who’s playing which instrument. With songs such as Wonder Woman, Lovers in Space, Circle of Confusion, Doin’ It For Beads and an alternative styling of the Madness hit Our House, Jacaranda blends humor and heart to make the crowds laugh, make the crowds cry, make the crowds boogie and feel good to be alive.