Jace Patkai

Jace Patkai


Somewhere between "Men at Work" from the land down under, and Canada's "Chucky Danger Band". Fresh positive outlook on everyday life and love. A little folky, a little rocky, and pop sensibility. Accessable to all ages.


"Jace is an exciting new face emerging from Canada's smallest province. I love his positive approach which comes through in his well crafted songs about young love, graduation, work, procrastination, and friendship. I'm really looking forward to working more with him!" - Gordon Belsher, producer GUERNSEY COVE PARLOUR PRODUCTIONS


Cashier (A Little Bit o' Lying)

Written By: Jace Patkai

He's behind the counter till past noon
He's sick and tired of doing the same thing
To other people that he doesn't know
But don't worry cause he's doing this all for you
Don't worry cause he's gonna serve you
And every valued customer in the room
He looks sideways at the clock and he sighs
He knows that there must be something more to his life

He looks at the clock, it's half past two
He starts to realize that someone should really help him close this thing down
The lineup's filled so he has to move on
Cause he's gotta say "Welcome" to everyone who wants something from him
If he doesn't have what they want
Then instantly he is the one to blame
The cashier thinks that there should be more to a face than just a name

I know that he puts a fake smile on
There's a little bit o' lying
There's a little bit o' lying going on
I know that he smiles although something is wrong
There's a little bit o' lying
There's a little bit o' lying going on

It's past three, his shift is at its end
I guess you could say the cashier's happy to finally leave this place at last
But be happy cause he did this all for you
So be happy cause someday he's gonna be behind the counter just for you
He goes outside and he feels what it's like to be free
And I know that this life is not for him and not for me

(Repeat Chorus twice)

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