Jace Patkai

Jace Patkai

 Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

Mostly a little bit of everything. I write most of the songs that I play at any given set but I don't mind doing covers every now and then. My songs range from really comical to very serious. When I play shows I look to have a great time and get a few laughs from the crowd while I'm at it.


I grew up on Prince Edward Island to the sound of kitchen parties and oddly enough the tape "Gordon" by the Barenaked Ladies. I first started writing when I was in my last year at high school. The first album entitled, "Bing Bang Bong" I did was comprised of all original songs that mingled with the folk/pop genre. It was because of this album that I was nominated for a 2009 Music PEI Award for "New Artist of the Year". My Single "Cashier", was a finalist in the 2007 International Songwriting Competition. Since the release of my first album I've been writing a lot of songs that fall into the alternative/mainstream genre. I've only every played solo so I'm not afraid to go up on stage for an hour and just have fun. I'm hoping to release an EP in the near future. I'm currently in Ottawa for university at Carleton.


"Bing Bang Bong" 2008 (Full Album)

Set List

One mike, One patch-cord for my Guitar, a monitor, and a sound system. ( but hey, roughing it isn't that bad either )