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Jacey Coy is a 28 year old singer/songwriter. Originally from Texas but now based out of San Diego, CA. Performing shows since he was 16, his early influences were: Counting Crows, Better Than Ezra, Ani Difranco, Peter Stuart of Dog's Eye View, Lisa Loeb, etc.

So, does Jacey's music sound like the artists above? Perhaps to some it might although typically, his music tends to be compared more to Rob Thomas, Matchbox Twenty, Goo Goo Dolls, Jason Mraz, Lifehouse, John Mayer, and Dashboard Confessional.

Jacey's music has been featured on XM Radio and he has been named by XM's RADAR Report as a "Futures" Artist a total of three times; a title given to "talented, emerging unsigned artists with a promising future".

Jacey's latest disc, "OneLongContinuousSong", is available now on iTunes or at his official website, www.JaceyMusic.com


Left To Realize

Written By: Jacey Coy

So I guess this is the big “someday” when everybody falls in love;
it’s the beat map dream machine plan to get those things thereof.
So did I make a big mistake this time or did I just get too much sleep?
Momma always warned me about this, some early bird got that worm

But the radio’s playing my favorite song and I’m getting really drunk so I’m singing along.
Simmer down now.
She’s driving me cause I’m too far gone, she’s getting really pissed cause I’m singing along.
Well simmer down now

I just can’t get your favorite song out of my head: Gender wars with “Gender Bombs”, The Stills crashing every word I said.
Could you make this all ok right now?
Or could you promise me this: that you won’t call me a liar when all the shit hits the fan…

It’s amazing the things I thought I knew about me.
It’s amazing the things I figured out too late.
It’s amazing the things I was left to realize here.

So come one, come all now to the big circus down the street;
a 24 year old circus clown here is running around bare feet.
Juggling each of his favorite loves, dropping each one, one by one, and spending money on higher education cause he don’t know what else to do…

Take This Fire

Written By: Jacey Coy

Take this fire from my hands; it’s spreading flames in her defense.
I don’t think I’ll get over you.
Like a movie, a simple scene, my world’s drenched in kerosene.
I don’t think I’ll get over you.

// She is true but you are new and this could be my last chance to be with you //

So take this fire and fill it with your contemptuous kiss.
I don’t think I’ll get over you.
I need a mistake, I need a flaw: something to make this better called.
I don’t think I’ll get over you…

I’ll take this fire though I’ll burn my hands off. This is my last chance…


Written By: Jacey Coy

So what if everything is gonna get better once you go away, I don’t feel ok.
So what if you think that we’ll be better off me and you just friends, I don’t feel the same.
You keep killing me with every word that you say about your heart and how it’s moved on.
How can you tell me that I’ll find someone new; someone who’s better than you?

I can’t stand to see what you do to me when you say…

When you say, “Everything is gonna get so much better”, what do you know?
I say, “It’s harder to leave you now that I know you”, now I know you.
What should I do?
I should’ve kissed you when I could...

I’m driving home late at night, all alone on this interstate and a light won’t shine on me.
I miss your hand in my hand and oh, the lack of it burns a hole through me.
I can’t stand to see what you do to me when you say…
Just shine a light…

Every single thing that I say and do is just a message sent straight to you.
Everything single thing that I do is for you.
Well, so what…


Written By: Jacey Coy

I gotta picture it every day that my heart is not ok;
that everyone I thought I had turned out to let me down.
I see it when I close my eyes: winter is so romanticized.
That’s why I’m looking forward to some other season, other year

The ocean pulls you far away, if I dive in would it be ok?
I’ll take my chances any single day just to waste another day.
You’re like my worst hangover: hurts but reminds me of a good time.
I’ll take my chances any single day just to waste another day with you

Tell me, is it ok if I want too much from you to make things awkward and then to see if it will get me through? Do you remember all the things we did?
I remember New Year’s Eve: you held my hand and you sang to me…

Someone else, another day, I don’t know about what to say.
I mean, should I tell you all the things about myself?
Like I’m immature and I like things new: three month friends and then somebody new to talk to.
I need to know if the chances of meeting someone like you come more than once in a lifetime…

Before I Tell You

Written By: Jacey Coy

I tell you everyday,
I tell you in every way,
I tell you in what I say and do.
It’s not a secret babe,
that we're slipping away cause everyone else can see it too.

We need a drunken excuse,
see what that could produce
cause we’re not talking much these days.
But you are autonomous
and I need connectedness
and I hope it’s just a phase.
I dare you to forgive me.

Now, I’m not a pessimist
but I’m a realist;
I know I’m a killer, at best.
Why do you think I did it?
Do my intentions hurt?
I don’t think you care enough to cry.

Cause you are beautiful but hostile
with your unclear frown
I see your lips move but no sound.
I’m doing what I feel is right:
Looking you in the eye and letting you hear it in my voice.
I dare you to forgive me.

I know why you’re leaving babe,
you’re beautiful but hostile but I think you’re more beautiful.


: : "One.Long.Continuous.Song"(2007) - LP : :
Available now on iTunes and at www.JaceyMusic.com

: : "A Simple Sorry"(2006) - EP : :
-Single: "Perfect Thing" (received national radio airplay on XM Radio's RADAR Report)

: : "A Good Mess"(2005) - LP : :
- Singles: "Beautiful" and "Hardended" (both singles received national radio airplay on XM Radio's College Radio Station, XM Radio's Unsigned Station, as well as XM's RADAR Report)

**Wanna see what a "Jacey show" looks like? Live video footage of me performing "Hardened" can be found here:

Set List

Typical set list ranges anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours and includes songs from all three of Jacey's releases.

Jacey also likes to throw in varying cover songs that range anywhere from Citizen Cope's "Sun's Gonna Rise", The Cranberries, "Linger"; Nelly, "Ride Wit Me"; Better Than Ezra, "Good"; Erasure, "A Little Respect"; Fergie, "London Bridge" just to name a few...