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"Letter of Recommendation"

Friendship Baptist Church
5301 Nebraska Ave.
Toledo, Ohio 43615
Rev. Duane C. Tisdale, Pastor

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Ms. Jaci Clark as she pursues her dreams in reaching young people for Christ. I can state unequivocally that from the time I have known her, her practical skills and abilities have placed her among the most talented and capable in her group. Her unfeigned concern for people, zeal for learning, capacity to apply knowledge, and emotional maturity are well known and respected amongst those she works with here at Friendship.

I first came in contact with Jaci a few years ago, upon my appointment as youth minister. She was and still is presently heavily involved in our worship and performing arts team. In the midst of what I know to be a very hectic schedule, Jaci always finds the time to give back to the youth. Her innate knowledge of their encompassing issues is very impressive for her age.

Jaci is very competent and responsible, if given an assignment; she is trustworthy to have it completed in the given time frame. She is an outstanding young lady. She carries herself with a sense of honor and pride. Those who know her think of her as an honest and trustworthy individual. She has a high level of integrity and will be a credit to any and all groups that she participates in.

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at 419.290.1569. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration in this matter.

Amazed by His Grace,

Rev. Richard O. Brown, III
Youth Minister
Contact via email: robrown974@aol.com
- Elder Richard Brown, III

"Letter of Recommendation"

The most creatively responsible experience of my life was becoming the mother and primary parent of Jaci Caprice. From the perspective of an artist, anthropologist, minister, educator myself, I can vouch that raising Jaci to become the beautiful, talented, balanced and God-fearing world-citizen woman that she is, took all of my gifts and required much more than one mere mortal could do, alone. It has taken a village and she is what happens when a community cooperates in the bringing up of a child into adulthood.

Jaci is beautiful inside and out. Her purity of heart is seen through her eyes, smile, and demeanor. Beauty is attracted to her because she is truthful. She repels ugly because of her natural vibrations and keen sense of sounds and rhythm. Her character has developed over the years into a woman who is not afraid of her human power (or anyone else’s), and she is quite comfortable with the holy power of God. She dances and sings to the glory of God because she has had a wonderful relationship with her creator since birth.

Jaci is talented. She is self-taught on several musical and technological instruments and has challenged the best of instructors who tried to teach her something via traditional learning methods. However, her respect for elders often gauged her impatience with those in authority. Still, she never allowed anyone to keep her from reaching her visions or missions.

Jaci is balanced. In a society that wants to quickly label people who do not conform, she manages to maintain her own identity without relying on superficial trappings like attire and cosmetics. Her natural beauty makes her a knockout for those who can see beyond the exterior. When others begin sagging and seeking plastic cosmetics for support, Jaci will continue to blossom as one of the finest examples of authentic beauties.

Jaci is God-fearing. I thought I “knew” the Lord…but Jaci’s life is a wonderful example of how God reminds all of us that He, and He alone, will determine his messengers and when they are to speak to the masses. She has always been a warrior who wasted no time (born in two hours!!), and continues to aggressively attack elements of evil whenever they appear. The time has come for Jaci to speak and impact others…especially, she is ready to address a generation in need of hearing the Word of God…for the people of God…from a woman of God!!

I am just proud to be a part of her life…and I look forward to the many experiences she will provide for those who await her message!!!! The best is yet to come!!!

Sharon Minor Clark King, Ph.D.
Contact : (301)460-5211 - Dr. Sharon Minor Clark King, Ph.D.

"2006 Holy Hip Hop Re-cap"

Written by: Ebony Grimsley
Created on: 1/23/2006

Gospel rappers, producers, media and other industry personnel gathered in Atlanta last weekend for the 2006 Holy Hip Hop Week festivities.

Any and everyone making waves in the genre were in attendance for an opportunity to fellowship with other artists, fans and new converts.

Kicking off the week of events on Thursday morning was a Summit that included panel speakers Mark J, Japhia Life, Fatima Hall of Image Magazine, Tico of Zik Lag Boyz, among others, with Eddie Velez as moderator.

In the evening attendees had the privilege of attending a Networking Mixer hosted by the Atlanta Chapter of Urban Gospel Alliance. Coordinated by Atlanta UGA Rep Ursula Ufred Brown the night event included a sneak preview into the highly anticipated --Holy Hip Hop: The Movie documentary which was produced by Amen Films, HP4 Digital Works

Also on the program for the evening was urban rap sensation, J.E. Cooper, other wise known as B.B. Jay. He and the rest of his JIZFAT crew ripped the mic with songs from his upcoming release, -Unlimited- for all that were in attendance.

Meanwhile auditions for the host of -Hype and Glory- that will air on the Gospel Music Channel were being conducted in the adjacent room. The mixer capped off with a summary of UGA by Founder and National Director, Curtis Jermany as well as a powerful word by New York UGA Rep, Gail -DJ Flame- Windley.

Friday and Saturday morning provided ample opportunity for music ministers to gleam insights into successful street ministries while learning new techniques being used in the industry today.

Those in attendance did not have to be in the game of Hip Hop to enjoy the weekend. Friday night included almost 50 known and up and coming artists. Hosted by Eddie Velez, Kelly Glow, GJ Hickman and Daniel Cuyler, the night quickly moved on between some of God’s best rappers in the business. However, Friday night memories will always be of the outstanding opening and praise and worship experience by Canton Jones, a hot performance by B.B. Jay and a noteworthy presentation by JACI CLARK a new female rapper on the scene.

Although the mixer, panels, courses and showcase were significant, the weekend was all building up for the opportunity to see the award honorees on Saturday night.

Starting off the awards ceremony, Canton Jones, kicked the show off and once again ushered in the presence of God, Cajo’s style.

Our very own, GZ founder and UGA national director, Curtis Jermany was the first to be recognized for the evening, by receiving the Ambassador Award. With thank yous extending out to the UGA members, family and friends, Curtis humbly accepted his award to a great applause of support from those in attendance.

Other honorees for the evening included Phanatik, L.A. Symphony, Minister Zion, Ritchie Righteous, DJ Maj, Shai Linne, Light, TooBiz , Mars Ill, John The Baptist, Ason and Rawsrvnt.

The performances for Saturday night only climaxed when Rawsrvnt, Corey Red and Mr Del gave the audience a taste of hip hop at its finest. Another group of approximately 50 artists ministered to the music craved audience throughout the Awards.

Destined to continue to grow in numbers and excellence, Holy Hip Hop Week 2007 will be the event to mark on your calendars.
- Ebony Grimsley


**All music is copyrighted and ASCAP registered**

"Storms Come..." (copyrights, 2006.)
"WHEREiMFROM..." (demo version)
"Black History" (in collaboration w/PURE Records)

WHEREiMFROM 2004-2005:

B.O.T.S. Entertainment "Battle of the Sexes" 2003-2005 Season; Hockeytown Cafe, Detroit, MI.

"Music With A Message" Youth Conference; February, 2004; Body of Christ Church, Toledo, Ohio.

B.O.T.S. Entertainment "Battle of the Sexes" Featured Artist, March 2004; HockeyTown Cafe; Detroit, MI.

"Y.A.R.D. (Youth & Adults Reclaiming Detroit) Rally; March 12th, 2004; Hart Plaza, Detroit, MI.

Ron Johnson "Ron Who?" Campaign Fund Raiser Dinner; April 2004; Detroit, MI.

"Showtime LIVE In Motown"; April 24, 2004; The Community Arts Ctr.; Wayne State University; Detroit, MI.

"Forward The Faith" Urban Music Conference, April 30th-May 1st; Christian Tabernacle, Southfield, MI.

2004 Detroit Praisefest; Hart Plaza, June 11-13, 2004, Detroit, MI.

"ThatNightService" (Friendship Productions); June 19th, Trumpeting High Praises, Detroit, MI.

"The National Anthem" August 2nd (7pm); Mud Hens Stadium; Toledo, Ohio.

"Karinda4council 2004" Campaign Event; 5th Avenue Clubhouse, Comerica Park, Detroit, MI.

"Eastern Michigan Block Party", September 5, 2004. EMU Campus.

"National Anthem Contest"; Palace Stadium, Detroit Pistons, Auburn Hills, MI.

"UPN Half-n-Half Contest", 2004. October 15, 2004.

"International Songwriting Contest 2004", October, 2004.

"Full and Fabulous" Health Conference 2005; Detroit, MI. Jan. 28-30th, 2005.

"Full and Fabulous" Tour Group; Detroit, MI. 2005-06.
"Black History Celebration"; Samaritan Center, Southfield, MI. Feb. 25th, 2005.

"Soul Searching Ministries" Conference 2005, March 18, 2005. Peace Baptist Church, Detroit, MI.

"Mayor Jack Ford Fund Raising Celebration", April 23, 2005; Toledo, Ohio.

"Hip Hop Mile 2005" Belle Isle; June 10, 2005; Detroit, Michigan.

"Liberty Baptist Church Summer Festival 2005", July 23, 2005; Liberty Baptist Church, Detroit, Michigan.

Hunter Supper Club Artist Night, Detroit MI. November 18th, 2005.

"Women With A Vision (W.W.A.V.)" online interview with Min. Jerushia McDonald-Hylton; xradio.biz @ 5:30pm est Dec. 18th, 2005; Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Gospel Impact w/Sista Shawn" phone interview; South Carolina; July 2006.

UGI/UGA Conference in conjunction with the Edwin & Walter Hawkins Love and Music Fellowship Conference; Houston, TX.

Special Note: Nominated for Best New Artist Hip Hop & also Best Female Artist Hip Hop, 2006 UGA.

Jamfest 101; Greenville, SC. August 26th-27 2006.

"Saving Our Youth" Event; Warren A.M.E. Church; Sept. 9, 2006, 8pm; Toledo, Ohio (Special Guest: Prodigal Son, Florida).

AXIS Youth Gathering; October Spotlight Artist of the Month; Toledo, Ohio CTOKT. 10/27/06; 7:30pm~Kelsey.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Since birth, Jaci Caprice Clark has been on an important assignment for God. This self-taught, producer, rapper and psalmist has captivated audiences in various arenas in all ages. Now as a woman on fire for God, Jaci is on a mission to encourage other through song and lyrics to become the perfect likeness of who God has predestined and created His children to be through the physical, mental, and spiritual experiences that constitute their existence and purpose called LIFE.

Jaci's vocal ability is a diverse as her style. Whether she is in cornrows or afro puffs, throw backs or denim outfits, audiences are drawn into her pure delivery of notes and heartfelt lyrics that can change any atmosphere. From mininstering at music conferences and events to singing the National Anthem in a sports arena, Jaci's loving spirit always stands out from among the rest.

Described by some as succoutash and others as eclectic, Jaci's ministry can be easily described as a Lauryn Hill of the gospel music industry. Regardless if she ministers through hot urban sounds or just lead audiences into an intimate praise and worship experience those in attendance always leave changed.

With the release of her first full-length album, "Storms Come", Jaci proves that the Mid-West can contend with any coast. This self-produced project encourages listeners to be persistent in their walk and individual journeys while providing dance beats that draws the youth. "Storms Come" and "ignoranceaintbliss" are tracks that reminds the listeners of His wisdom, purpose, and blessing. The soulful melody of "MoreThanUKnow" is a glorious declaration of peace and protection.

Since the release of her debut project and appearance at the 2006 Holy Hip Hop Week festivities, Jaci has managed to create interest in her ministry above what most urban female artists have experienced. She now stands as a 2006 Urban Gospel Industry Award nominee for both New Artist and Female Artist in the Hip Hop category and has been featured in the premier urban magazine, U-ZONE.

As she continues to minister across the country, Jaci will continue to be a messenger of God and an example of making it through the storms of life.

Booking Information:

JC Clark
ThinkingCap Productions

P.O. Box 444
Maumee, Ohio 43537-0444

Songs that have streaming or radio airplay are as follows:

"Storms Come..."
"Blak Gurl"