Jacie McConnell & AN SHEE EILEE

Jacie McConnell & AN SHEE EILEE

 Loveland, Colorado, USA

Jacie's & AN SHEE EILEE's Style of playing and writing has a unique sound described as having a World Celtic/Gypsy flair. More of a production than just a band, the narrations leave you with goose bumps and the interpritive gypsy dancer amazing to watch!


"Jacie McConnell And An SheeEilee" is made up of talented musicians from Front Range of Colorado. As a mostly original band, they sound like a unique combination of Gypsy Celtic like Eileen Ivers meets Solas. With energy and passion of what we put into our original tunes as well as a few traditional tunes on stage you WILL feel the energy we put into our music. We have a Gypsy/belly dancer that dances to our tunes. Sometimes we have some Cloggers added to our show as well!
Jacie has appeared on stage with a very wide variety of artist including Major National acts such as Eric Burton (and the animals), Rex Allen Jr., The Elders, hip hop artist GZA, ZionI, Little Brother and many others. Ms. McConnell has also appeared on stage with some of Colorado's biggest up and coming artist like Angie Stevens, Melissa Ivey, Kelly Aspen and Abigail Lord. Jacie has been featured on recordings of the most talented musicians and bands coming from Colorado including The Green Lemon's first self entitled CD, Angie Steven's "Im OK", Ben Long's "Still Alive" and many other artist. And in Jan. of 2008 just released her own debut CD "Mystical Moments" which is getting great reviews from as far as Cleveland. Wendy from the Ceavland Podcast says," Love the arrangements, she reminds me a bit of Eileen Ivers"
Jacie's adventures in music are now expanding to short films and video games. She can be heard on Under Oath Productions-Mint Flavored Death (east version) and Neuron Games - Eight Ball!


"Mystical Moments A Sign Of Things To Come"
Yes , it is being played at Cleveland Podcast, Taos NM. CD Baby and My Space and too many to mention.
Jacie McConnell & AN SHEE EILEE's -An Chead Sidhe (The First Muse) EP Has just been released and is on CD baby now.

Set List

My sets I try and do (2) 45min or 2 1 hour sets These are some of the originals covers and some Trad.
But the other Trad. / or covers very.
Tir N' a N'og - nar. , Gypsys Dance , , Ghost Of The Past, Sgt. McConnell, Celtic Stomp, Ashokan Farwell,
Butterflies,Champion Spirits, Wild Maggie & many others in addition to some narration readings that put the listener in a different time and place!