Jacinda Beals

Jacinda Beals


"Her music has been described as “funky folk with rock and roll attitude” and her lyrics are heartfelt and poetic, often telling of the people and places she loves." Paula Gale - The Current 2006 Female Artist of the Year Nominee - MUSICNL


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JACINDA BEALS grew up in the mining town of Labrador City. While her father toiled in the iron ore mine, her family lived in company housing -- a trailer with walls barely thick enough to keep out the winter’s frigid temperatures and metres of snow.At age five, Jacinda’s sweet singing voice and smiling eyes warmed the hearts of family and friends in their living room. She started taking piano lessons at six, and was playing her father’s twelve-string guitar at 13. She then performed with her dad, Pierce, at summer folk festivals. “We took turns backing each other up with guitar - we’d do songs like ‘Fields of Athenry’,” she says.

During high school, ‘Cin’ as she’s known to most, turned to more contemporary music and started a female, pop and metal cover group. She rocked out in battles of the bands playing Red Hot Chili Peppers’ songs, and covered The Indigo Girls with her friend Tina Cassell. She also wrote and performed music for the school’s theatre productions.

She said good-bye to Labrador City at 18 after finishing high school and headed for college in Newfoundland. She studied journalism at West Viking College in Stephenville and ended up recording and producing an album that included two of her original songs, while taking a sound technology course there. And it was there that she met another young musician, Susan Gale; Cin joined her rock band to sing backup and play rhythm guitar. The two girls left the province, and Cin struggled to make a living playing music in Prince Edward Island.

She recorded a song with the Susan Gale Band for the compilation CD Eat This Two, showcased with the band at the ECMAs in 1997, and then returned to her roots, settling down in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. She found inspiration back home in Labrador and started seriously writing music and looking for ways to fund her career.

She began performing with ECMA-winner Tunker Campbell at venues around Goose Bay and also found a musical confidant in local singer and drummer Mike Lethbridge. Together they started the Friday Night Jam Session at Lethbridge’s nightclub, Rumours, where Cin also performs with the country/rock band, Crossroads.

Cin’s wide musical range and polished songwriting skills are nicely packaged in her first album, Slip Into My Skin, produced by Tracy Holmes of Ottawa’s Distortion Studios. Cin says she feels the ten-song CD was a great musical accomplishment, “after I heard all the positive feedback”. She heard plenty of praise about her talents at Contact East 2003, and was nominated for two Music Industry Association of Newfoundland & Labrador awards shortly after. Songs from Slip Into My Skin were also released on two Newfoundland & Labrador Fueling the Fire compilation discs.

Her music has been described as “funky folk with rock and roll attitude” and her lyrics are heartfelt and poetic, often telling of the people and places she loves. Her song Labrador to the Core has become somewhat of a local anthem, although Cin says she wasn't even sure about putting it on the album.

In May 2004 Cin played Newfoundland and Labrador’s Arts and Culture Centres on a Women and Song tour, with Jackie Sullivan and Christa Borden. The tour recieved great reviews from all over the province and Cin says it was great opportunity. “I really learned a lot from the other musicians on the tour..... Everyone was so professional and so down to earth. It was such an awesome experience”.

But Cin says her biggest accomplishment to date is the new album she just released on November 12th, 2005 in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador. "Love, Cin" was recorded this past summer when Cin returned to Distortion Studios in Ottawa, On. The new album contains 9 of Cin's originals and "Dark Rain", a song by another Labrador singer/songwriter, Shirley Montague and partner,Terry Delaney. "Love, Cin" was produced by Tracy Holmes and is now available!!


Selfish Me

Written By: Jacinda Beals

Selfish Me

Out through the window
The wind has died down
And I look to the man on the street

The suns now shining
I look to the sky
And it feels like its smiling me

Finished my coffee
Got so much to do
But I think I deserve a break

I think just this time
I’ll make this day mine
And live my life just wild and free

I’m not gonna worry about a thing I swear
Like who’s calling on the phone cause I just don’t care
Sometimes this life is more than I can bear
I’m gonna be selfish me
I’m gonna be selfish me

Out through the window
The sun has gone down
And I look up to those Northern Lights

My head is giddy
It’s been way too long
Since I have seen them half this bright

Got no worries
I’ve let it all go
I should have done this before now

My thoughts are clearer
Weight floated away
Won’t wait so long the next time

Keep Drivin

Written By: Jacinda Beals


Its dark around here at 3 O’Clock
Had a good dream don’t want to wake up
Some days are better

Gotta find you and clear my head
Too many people took off instead
And I should have known better

And its crazy how so much can change
The world that I knew has been rearranged
My own thoughts are even strange

Gotta keep driving
Down the highway
Find the sunshine
Its around here somewhere
Gotta keep driving
Past these closed doors
Do this our way
This is what we live for

Lets find that road we’ve talked about
With one way in and no way out
There’s got to be better

Lets leave all this mess behind
There’s got to be sunshine we can find
Where everything is better

Space Queen

Written By: Jacinda Beals


She doesn’t care what they think
She wears black and shows lots of pink
Can make you melt with just one wink

A wild night is nothing new
Why can’t they take their eyes off you
She loves many but keeps a few

Something’s telling me this isn’t right
I’ve had this feeling all damn night
You’re not yourself this is something new
What’s this shit doing to you
You always said it wouldn’t get this far
You’re living inside a jar
I’m here for you but you won’t come clean
You’re just a Space Queen
You’re nothing but a Space Queen
You’re a Space Queen
Ooo ooo

She’ll wear you down with just one lick
Make you want so bad your sick
She’ll make you want to bit your lip

A wild night is nothing new
Why can’t they take their eyes off you
Why can’t I take my eyes off you



Slip Into My Skin - November 2002
1) Got a Thing for you
2) Flawless
3) Nothing Seems to Matter
4) Slip into my Skin
5) Labrador to the Core
6) Insane
7) Everything is Ok
8) Can't help but Stare
9) Perfect Sin
10) Lost

Love, Cin - November, 2005
1) Never Alone
2) Into the Dirt
3) Excuse Me Sir
4) The Hotel Song
5) Her Walk
6) Keep Drivin'
7) I Am Happy
8) Space Queen
9) Dark Rain
10) Selfish Me

Set List


Excuse Me Sir
Dark Rain
Her Walk
Slip into My Skin
Into the Dirt
The Hotel Song
Never Alone
Selfish Me
Labrador to the Core
Got a Thing for You
Can't Help but Stare
Keep Drivin'
Nothing Seems to Matter


Gold Dust Woman - Feetwood Mac
Zombie - The Cranberries
Ain't no Sunshine - Bill Withers
Somebody to Love - Jefferson Airplane
Good Enough - Sarah McLachlan
Desperado - The Eagles