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Houston, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | INDIE

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Pop EDM


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"Jac of all trades:"

Not wanting to be just some disco diva, Jacinta calls her own shots
A STEP ABOVE | Jacinta plays a hand in all her dance music, from writing to production, which sets her apart from many fleeting singers releasing only singles and remixes.
RICH LOPEZ | Staff Writer
Let’s face it: The gays like their dance music. That makes the industry ripe for countless Madonna-Britney-Gaga wannabes and one-hit wonders. (You should count the number of remix singles by “divas” that pass through the desk of music writers with out actual albums attached to them.)
Jacinta Brondgeest may easily be categorized as just another girl on the dancefloor, but don’t sell her short. She’s brimming with substance.
“I try to be involved in so many aspects of the music-making process,” she says. “I love getting into the production part of it and also, I think what set’s me apart is I create and write my own music. Songwriting is precious to me. I’m always working on different facets.”

Going by only her first name (or her nickname, Jac), Jacinta isn’t just the product of DJs and producers. Instead of leaving her musical career in the hands of others and risking flash-in-the-pan status, Jacinta has been taking steps to fashion a career on her own terms. Part of that includes her live show, which she brings to Sue Ellen’s Friday.
And after finding success in her adoptive homeland of Australia (she was born in Oregon, but her family moved Down Under when she was six weeks old), Jacinta returned to the U.S. in 2002 to give the music industry a try. She thrived in the hot music environment of Austin, but just weeks ago, relocated to Houston.
March 2011
“Houston is such a bigger landscape for us and more conducive to the style of music we play,” she says.
When Jacinta produced her first EP, Dedicated to a Stranger, in 1996, she decided that if her money was behind her own work, she should start her own label. Thus was born Chunky Music, named after her habit of sampling big chunks of music into her own. After attaining distribution in Australia, she put America in her sites.
“The label encapsulates everything I do, which essentially is pop-rock,” she says. “We do piano, vocals, electronica and remixes, hence our huge dance catalog. And now we’re tri-coastal and based out of Los Angeles, Houston and Australia.”
When the beat goes down, Jacinta also creates and produces meditation music. She admits making 2009’s Past Life Meditation was easy.
“The process of putting the music together was different, but it was an easier project because the creativity was all instrumental,” she says. “I think meditation is a wonderful thing and it was very enjoyable putting that music together.”
Naturally, she found a gay audience with her dance music. Jacinta booked high profile Pride gigs in Australia, Seattle, Austin and the Folsom Street Festival in San Francisco. Her song, “Keep it a Secret,” became a gay anthem of sorts to the audiences who saw her perform it.
“I wrote that in 2007 and it just resonated with the gay community when I performed it so those audiences are very important to me,” she says. “The song reminds people to be uniquely yourself and finding the courage to be that person.”
Sue Ellen’s may not be the first place for live performances of dance music, but that doesn’t worry Jacinta. She’s had her share of lesbian audiences with her first band Maiden Voyage. She says that all-girl bands always get those venues. So how does she identify? Well, she responds in that coy pop star way.
“Well, it depends on whom I’m sleeping with,” she laughs. Well played.
- Dallas Voice

"Jacinta - Sunshine - November 2005"

from Cory S. Glisson-Munier
November 4, 2005

This breakout dance single from this artist is one to pay attention to. Enlisting the talents of a few lesser known but promising remixers, we also have Peter Presta, Johnny Budz, and Tony Moran & Warren Rigg on board.
Hailing from Sydney, Australia, Jacinta broke away from performing in bands and focused on her solo career a few years ago. This is a woman with drive who is in charge of her destiny - she has created her own record label, Chunky Music, and writes the lyrics, melodies and produces all the material.

First remix up to bat is the Peter Presta Apple Jaxx Mix, immediately starting with synth work that feels like it is pulsating with a heart of its own. The overall production is constant and consists of a sturdy beat, interesting riffs and an electro feel – creating an almost moody mix.

Following is the Johnny Budz Radio Mix, and it is a shame a full club mix wasn't included. Here is a production which is very uplifting with key touches of happy Euro-NRG – Budz continues on and strips down the bassline and speeds up the vocals a bit and it works well, very well. Dance radio stations across the U.S. are already including this into their sets – and it deserves to be there.

Tony Moran & Warren Rigg. Need I say more? The creativity from this team has cemented their status as one of the most important remixing duos in the business and here we are again shown why. This mix is darker than the rest and the production grabs the listener immediately – taking your mind on a musical journey. The aggressive, underlying synth work pushes and pulls you to the dancefloor and with shuffling beats and keyboards that seem to build-up and stay-up, you stay on the dancefloor. With a sprinkling of atmospheric effects throughout, the entire combination will work quite well in a big room looking for something different and unique.

I suggest you do not pass go on the lesser known remixers here – the work they delivered is highly impressive and leaves you wanting to hear more of their projects. Included on the CD is the Jacinta & Barnes Departure From Mars Club Mix and after spinning this mix, I've decided how I best like my Jacinta – singing her great lyrics and melodies. I highly appreciate her dedication to her music, but it is clear that the mixing should be left to those she enlisted who excel at this art.

The vanAtom's (Jonathan vanAtom) Relucesco Remix hits hard and the bassline kicks back. The mix is very energetic and vanAtom impressively meshes the keyboards, synths and pretty guitar work together successfully.

I was completely thrown by the DJ Blaine (Soileau) Meets Hefty Lefty Mix Club Mix – this mix is hot! Exploding with "It's inside you," you find it is – the bassline and keyboards, the layered levels of synths. This mix feels 'groovy' and you can't help but dancing to it, whether in your head or in the club doesn't matter, its job here is done.

With a voice that is Madonna meets Sarah Brightman and is sprinkled with Alyson – I'm looking forward to her forthcoming debut album in 2006. In the meantime – 'look into the sunshine'.

http://dancemusic.about.com/od/reviews/fr/JacintaSunshine.htm - www.dancemusic.about.com

"Jacinta - Smokescreen - October 2005"

October 21, 2005

Guys, sit down. This has to be one of those rare and special gems. I happened to get the CD from a friend who loved Jacinta’s performance so much he had to buy the CD at Oilcan Harry’s. People are always telling me that I need to hear this and that. Never paying much attention I decided to flippantly listen to this in traffic on Mopac during my move.

As track one came on and I listened to the lyrics and music, I realized not only was this good but it needed to be shared. Then that feeling of memories came over me as each song played, one after the next after the next. Every song has feeling and emotion. With the passing of each song, you seem to be taken on a very emotional and enlightening trip, which you succumb to.

I decided to follow that little preview of the CD in the car to its full performance. Later that night I grabbed a bottle of pinot nor at Grapevine and decide to give this CD the time and attention it was due. Moving, relatable, cohesive, precise and plain good. Guys this is some of the best music I have heard in a very long time. Not your ordinary run of the mill CD. You know how we buy a CD for one or two songs. This is not that. These are twelve tracks that work together to create a journey of emotion and empowerment.

Sunshine is the very first single off this CD that has been remixed. There are nine different remixes from DJs such as Tony Moran, Hefty Lefty, Warren Rigg and a few others. Now you can buy the CD multi single of Sunshine and I can assure you that it has a remixed version of the song sure to fit any mood and any style you may be into. Guys treat yourself to a live performance. One day this girl is going to be big and you can say you saw her when she was starting to make it big.

www.cliqaustin.com - www.cliqaustin.com

"JACINTA - A Rising Star - October 2006"

That the room was packed full with gyrating, glow stick-wielding patrons last weekend at Halo was no surprise. The downtown Bryan club has quickly become the hottest place in town for those intent on breaking it down on the dance floor. The surprise comes from what these frenetic men and women were busting a move to. Not simply a hot DJ on his way through town or the newest house mix of a Billboard-crowned songstress, although both were in full effect on this past Friday night.
Gracing the newly built performance stage on the club’s second floor was Jacinta, a sexy singer from Australia that is tenaciously working her way up the dance charts. Originally born in Portland, Jacinta moved with her family to Australia at the ripe old age of 6 weeks. Although Jacinta has been active in the music scene throughout her life, playing with numerous bands of many different musical styles, it has only been in the past decade that she has made the move to establish her solo career.
On her own since 1997, Jacinta has formed her own record label, “Chunky Music,” where she produces her own original tracks. According to her website, Jacinta’s music features “dynamic dance beats, soaring vocals, and exhilarating melodies fused with an exotic Euro flavor.” In a very accurate phrase, Jacinta’s style is best expressed as “technical music for an emotional world.”
With a personal heritage that includes Russian Cossack, Dutch Seafaring, and Australian First Fleeter ancestry, Jacinta’s diverse and dynamic background has played no small role in the development of her musical sound and style. She credits her personal history with enabling her to realize different ways to put music together. Thanks to her immersion in several different cultures, some which feature musical cultures almost oppositional to others, Jacinta has been able to take components of different styles and cultures and repackage them in different ways.
One culture in particular has informed Jacinta’s work, if only for shocking and frightful reasons. During an incredible visit to India that she aptly describes as freakish, Jacinta and her band mates at the time were trapped in a foreign environment where they did not speak the language and were completely dependent upon their very captors. Throughout the five months of this saga, between the anxiety and the “rescue” attempts by truckloads of rifle-wielding locals, Jacinta was exposed to a blend of music of intricate beauty and humanity. Much of what she learned and heard during this experience shaped what was to become her album, “Sandalwood: Under the Influence.”
Jacinta has moved on from that experience and the resulting album – which featured her hit single, “Fly” – and is currently touring with singles from her upcoming album, tentatively titled “Back to Go.” As the title indicates, this album is about coming back to the beginning but in a better place. Jacinta indeed feels that she is back to basics, but in a better position as she has kicked a serious nicotine habit, itself the inspiration of her album “Smokescreen.” That album was about being stuck in a particular place in her life, reinventing herself, and moving on. It also marked her last completely solo production effort.
In “Back to Go,” Jacinta has expanded her approach to include co-writing and co-producing, often with some of the best talent in the industry. Back to Go is also the second record in Jacinta’s Master of One album series. During her days as a band member, rather than solo artist, Jacinta earned the nickname “Jack,” drawn from the old adage, “Jack of all trades, Master of none.” Jacinta’s planned series of albums, and indeed her life’s guiding philosophy, builds on this phrase, but with a twist. Instead, Jacinta strives to be a master of one, a master of herself.
This mantra extends not only to how she lives her personal and professional lives, but the advice she offers to young musicians pondering the life and career choices she herself has made. To them, she offers the sage advice of always being true to themselves and their creativity. In addition to being willing to go the extra mile for your own art and believing in your own purpose, Jacinta encourages finding people who will also go the extra mile. She maintains that young artists must always know that if something is what you want to do, that is what you have to do. And to do so, you must spend as much time as you can being creative. Between all the time you spend doing the things you have to do, you cannot give up a moment of creativity.
- Maroon Weekly, By Justin Vaughn

"About Dance Music, Jacinta Interview, Nov 2006"

With the club hits "Destination" and "Sunshine," Aussie princess Jacinta is making the leap onto radio around the world. As singer, songwriter, and producer, she crafts "technical music for the emotional world." Jacinta is a true artist crafting her visions and creating something special to enrich all of our lives. Who knew that catchy pop dance record could contain such deep emotional meanings?

DJ Ron Slomowicz: Well how's my favorite Aussie princess doing today?
Jacinta: Ah, that's a lovely thing to say. Very good, looking forward to next week and getting organized for Las Vegas and San Francisco for a couple of gigs.

RS: You were born in Australia, right?
Jacinta: I was born in Portland, Oregon, but my family moved to Australia when I was still a baby, so I grew up there.

It was sort of odd because the whole time I was pretty much in Australia, I was an American citizen, and so I could never just be an Australian and I was like this kind of weird alien. Now I'm feeling like a real alien because I have the Australian accent, so it's the vibe. I've got dual citizenship now so I can come and go and not have to be worry about being turfed out and not being able to get back in anywhere.
RS: It's a wonderful accent, when did you start singing?
Jacinta: I'm going to have to say always, but as far as professionally is concerned, I mean music is all I have been doing. I started off by being a keyboard player and a backing vocalist. I just love singing harmonies with people, so I was like 'give me the microphone,' as soon as they sort of had enough confidence in me singing. I guess that one thing leads to the next and being a keyboard player you start programming, and then I started working on song, I was doing my own programming and just doing the singing - that one-man type thing. I could get cymbals between my knees, but not quite, it was pretty funny.

RS: One thing I really like about you is that you write your own music. When you get an idea, do you start with playing a keyboard and singing to it or do you start with the lyrics? What's your songwriting process?
Jacinta: Usually the former that you said, it's a matter of sitting down at the keyboard. I always like to tie myself in so I can give a nice effect on my voice and I just keep jamming out until something starts to move me and I can feel it in my soul. I guess that's the struggle - that doesn't always happen and you've just got to keep trying until it does.

RS: What was in your mind when you wrote Sunshine?
Jacinta: Sunshine, that's an interesting one. When I came to America, the reason I stayed in Austin was I started working on a film project where I was acting with a character who was a crazy musician - along the same guidelines as myself - rocking in to a town and trying to do something with my music. She was really crazy, just a little bit more crazy than I am, and Sunshine was a song that I wrote for this character in the movie. She was a really big drug user and it was really about her finally seeing where she was at in her life and realizing this was not a good place to be. I have to get in to my sunshine. It's just as true in my mantra, I encourage everyone to find that real truth to your essence that they have inside them that's so uniquely theirs.

I believe that when you do what we are supposed to be doing here on the planet and we resonate with that, then we are so on the right track. If we were all able to do that, wouldn't it just be a harmonious beautiful place, the planet. So that's very much Sunshine. The versus are quite dark, it's just meaning that everything that you do has an impact, and this girl was just out of control and she wasn't really leaving good impact with how she was living. The film was a very dark comedy and it wasn't finished unfortunately. But that's what Sunshine was about and I'm going to get in to the sunshine.
RS: You just used a really great word, 'mantra,' and it made me think of a quote you have on your website which I absolutely love, 'technical music for an emotional world.'
Jacinta: Sweet, I'm glad. You can only operate and try to resonate with other people. The way I try to do that is to make a connection which is so important is from emotional things. We are emotional individuals and music is something that we turn to to find our emotions. Whether it's sadness or 'let's go party' feelings or if it's just to keep you chilled out while you're working at the computer, whatever it might be. It's just to help you focus. Music is such an emotional thing and finding those states that you want to be in and to be feeling as fabulous as you possibly can is quite emotional. I do talk in a technical mode, because I like twiddling the knobs and it's something that I'd love to spend more time doing and getting better at that whole technical aspect of things.

RS: Well you're basically a Jill of all trades with the acting, the singing, the songwriting, and then Chunky, it's your own record label?
Jacinta: I found that about ten year ago that when you write and record your own music- it's like, 'well who's your label?' I didn't have a label, so it just made sense to start my own- like doing my own accounts and taxes. Chunky Music was named because I'm very much audio-based, making chunks of audio and just mucking around with them until they fit together and feel like they were doing something. I'm very much more electronic and coming in more from a rock angle and embraced sampling and enjoyed making all of these chunks and making them stick together in a way that was pleasurable to the ear.

RS: So when you were playing on the computer, do you use ProTools or Logic?
Jacinta: I use Logic now. When first got started I was like on a little 486 running sessions in Cubase. It's been nice to see everything coming together and Logic is really nice. I think I'm going to start having a look at Live because it seems like they've got some pretty cool stuff happening now. The way they approach the whole thing, particularly when your making some nice chunky loops and all, that would be fun.

RS: So often in the dance and music industry women are taken advantage of, it's just some bird who sings on a track. But you're behind everything, writing and programming the music. From a feminist's viewpoint, what's your take on the way women are treated in the music industry?
Jacinta: I've never kind of seen myself as a woman in the music industry but I guess I just have a hard time kind of turning back mentally on that. Because I do see women out there that are utilizing a lot more visual imagery and I just find some of the music really disappointing and it does not move me in the slightest. That's just fine because there's a market for it out there and it's doing its thing, which is great. Everyone's talented, male and female, and I just think that women have got to get out their and find their talent and their essence and just do what it is that they believe they should be doing on the planet and with enough respect for themselves and everyone else.

Then it really doesn't matter what anyone thinks or the perception that an industry has. I guess everyone's always going to have an opinion, I guess even if it's bad.
RS: That's a great answer, I really like that. So you travel around a bunch, what's in your mp3 or CD player right now?
Jacinta: I'm very home-based if I'm not traveling. If I'm at home I'm pretty much in front of the computer, in the studio or on the business machine and there's always music playing. You listen to music from several bands, dance radio stations, and spiritual music with chanting. I'll just hit on the bits that fill the song and I don't have the time to really put them all in an iPod and travel around with them.

RS: When you say dance radio, are you listening to digital like XM or Sirius or are you listening to a local radio station?
Jacinta: I'll listen to all the stations that are here in the States that have online broadcasts. I listen to them because I love what they play and I like to see if maybe I'm getting a spin here and there. Listening to the guys out there that are doing the mix shows, I really enjoy that and I tune in to some of those guys. I also really like the Ice FM, the vocal trance station there. I spend so much time on Myspace just listening to some incredible stuff on there. There's a lot of dodgy things out there but my gosh, some of the stuff is phenomenal. I just adore Myspace, and I'm just terrified that one day, I'll wake up and it was blown up and it doesn't exist anymore. The opportunities to collaborate are phenomenal, how would you ever find people in Israel or in Russia? These guys and girls are doing great stuff and it's a poignant time in history where we're starting to really produce things from such a different way. Files flying through the air from other peoples' machines and I've got something here I'm going to start working on with tracks that people have created that I can vocalize over and throw in vocals. The energy of the music moves on and becomes bigger and better, you know what I mean? Sharing ideas and working together with other people is a real transference of energy, and it's just great to be able to do that with someone in Belgium.

RS: I love that, music is a transference of energy.
Jacinta: You know exactly what I mean – all music lover know exactly what that is.

RS: What would you like to say to all your fans and fellow music lovers out there?
Jacinta: I'd like to say thank you for your support, tremendously, tremendously, tremendously. So much sincere appreciation goes out to my fans. I'm really looking forward to making your location my destination really soon. Help me make that happen because we're starting to get out there now and do some touring, which is really terrific. Finally and most importantly, turn towards your sunshine and just be with who you are and follow your life. That's so much what I feel like "Destination" is all about. We're all here and we have a destination and a journey that we're all supposed to take. We have to be courageous and follow it. So I'd just say to everyone jump on the boat and don't look back.

- DJ Ron Slomowicz, AboutDanceMusic.com

"Keyboard Magazine - Music Maker - Oct 2006"

By Francis Preve | October 2006

All dance divas are not created equal. Some focus on bling, leaving the compositional duties to a cadre of producers. Others play a more active role, co-writing songs with established remixers. While those approaches are tried-and-true paths to success, they are only part of the equation for Australian chanteuse, Jacinta.

An accomplished keyboardist and technology geek-ette, Jacinta not only captivates with her summery blonde beauty, but composes her own club tracks using a variety of synth and software goodies — a rarity in these days of assembly line pop. An Apple Logic user since 2002, her Power Mac G5-equipped studio rig revolves around Logic’s and IK Multimedia’s softsynths, along with a dash of hardware like the Roland Fantom-X7 workstation and MC-909. “I adore electronic music production and find that it requires infusing your energy and emotion to really come alive,” she explains. “For me, the biggest challenge is getting the artist’s soul to shine through.”

Jacinta’s rig has come quite a long way from its original incarnation. “Having started out a keyboardist, my first live rig was my studio rig and vice versa,” she says. “It consisted of an array of various ’boards in addition to my first sequencer, a Roland MC-500II, the one with that teeny-weeny little screen. A Roland S-550 handled all my audio samples with a whole 28 stereo seconds of sampling time. Yikes!”

“Since then, the rig has undergone several remarkable leaps,” she continues. “I started making the transition to software synths a few years back with Logic’s EXS24, but it took me time to integrate the concept that sound sources can be derived from something other than an external instrument. Nowadays, I really enjoy working entirely within Logic’s creative space. The last track I produced reminded me how much I enjoy recording live audio — and then chopping it up and producing something that sounds quite different to the original sound source. Logic is fast and feisty to work with in this regard.”

With the success of last year’s Top 20 dance single, “Sunshine,” Jacinta is clearly poised to become a club staple. Her new album, Back To Go, is a star-studded affair, featuring production assists from mix masters like Tony Moran, Mike Rizzo, and Anton Bass. Where her previous album, Smokescreen, varied from lush, trancy electronica to delicate piano, Back To Go takes her sound into deeper dance waters. Encompassing everything from dark tribal to bouncy disco-inflected pop, Back To Go showcases Jac’s songwriting talents without overwhelming with studio gimmickry. While the beats slam and the synths shine, she remains true to her inimitable blend of upbeat mystical musings with classic electropop sounds.

“Making music with some of these cutting-edge producers was the ideal experience after having flown solo for quite a while,” enthuses Jacinta. “It feels like having a new skin and I’m so grateful for their input.”

With Back To Go’s first single, “Destination,” currently skittering up the Billboard charts, Jacinta is about to raise the bar for keyboard-wielding divas on both sides of the pond.

- By Francis Preve Keyboard Magazine

"Keyboard Magazine - Finding a Solution - November 2006"

One of the coolest assignments a remixer can get is a production gig — a remix for an artist’s CD. For one thing, the album version has a permanence that is often lacking in the fast fashionista world of club music. For another, it can definitely lead to bigger and better gigs down the road. In this case, I was asked to produce a new version of Jacinta’s epic anthem, “Solution.” Although the song originally appeared on her Smokescreen CD, her label — Chunky Music — felt strongly enough about the track’s potential that they asked me to take a whack at refreshing it for the new album for possible use as a single.

The original had an atmospheric arrangement with flowing vocals and gossamer synthwork that included ambient washes and lightly trance-like touches. Since there wasn’t a classic verse-chorus progression, I had to listen closely to the lyrics and vocals to see if I could rework them into a more traditional arrangement. It wasn’t long before I realized that with a bit of effort, I could transform “Solution” into a housed-up, Madonna-esque romp.

As always, I started with Ableton Live for the vocal arrangement. For time-stretching vocals, Live’s “complex” algorithm is wonderfully transparent. The original tempo was 132, which was a touch too fast for pop-house, so I dropped it to 130. What’s more, since the original vocals had a looser feel, I had to tinker with the warp markers to get certain words and phrases to line up with the rhythm. If you’re familiar with the original, this is most evident on the background vocals that lead up to the middle section breakdown and crescendo. Naturally, I ran the whole thing by Jac herself before having at it; I value her input and artistic direction and didn’t want to tamper with her vision. Since she’s a musician herself, Jac’s a joy to work with and was eager to hear the end result, of which she heartily approved.

Once the vocals were restructured, it was time to rethink the chord progression. In the original version, the chords moved from C to G to D in a more freeform fashion, with variations throughout. For most dance music, especially house, it’s important to lock the progression down to a basic three- or four-chord motif and rely on the arrangement to reinforce the transitions. I basically stuck with this chord progression, but added a touch more syncopation. The bass line came quite quickly — I just followed the chords with a disco-style electric bass riff, using the relative minor to bring out the emotion in the lyrics and a walking turnaround to give it more funk.

From there, it was time for guitars. I sifted through my loop collection for a couple of guitar bits that complimented the chords without cluttering the melody. I ended up with a funky acoustic part and two-note riff loop somewhere between Chic and Madonna that reinforced the ’80s vibe I was after.

Midway through each of the verses, a shimmering arpeggio reinforces the chord progression. Bathed in echo, reverb, and phaser, it evokes “Lucky Star” without ripping it off, since the chords and arpeggio type are obviously different.

Despite the fact that this remix was going to be an album track, I still wanted to create a club-friendly middle breakdown before moving into the final choruses. Jacinta’s background vocal tracks included a lovely harmonized section, right after the second chorus, that gradually crescendos into a full vocal. This passage was fairly lengthy and suggested a new chord progression that differed from the verse/chorus motif, while remaining in the same key.

I opted to use this new chord progression to create a backdrop for the vocals. I spent a little more time in Live, warping the vocals to match the song’s rhythm and tempo, then — using a combination of pads and strings — I followed the vocal movement with open voicings on the strings that expanded as the chords ascended.

As these chords climaxed, I brought the beat back in and introduced a new lyric from the original vocals, then I reintroduced the new chorus for 16 more measures. The song has a proper ending, rather than a fade out, which is always more fun to do, anyway.

I unveiled the track to Jacinta at my big birthday bash last spring. She and her manager, Paula Soileau, immediately loved the track and commandeered my studio during the party. The look on Jac’s face as she listened was one of the best birthday presents I have ever received. Mission accomplished!

- Francis Preve - Keyboard Magazine - November 20006

"Review of the month: Jacinta "Destination" June 2006"

Review of the month:
Jacinta "Destination" (Chunky Music) REVIEW BY (Phillip Anthony Jr.)
If your looking for a brilliant slice of of modern day trance/pop
confection that's got all the right ingredients to cause fervor on your
dancefloor, then Jacinta's new single "Destination" will definitely appease.
U.S. clubland was first introduced to Jacinta with her infectious Billboard dance smash hit
"Sunshine", and now she returns with her follow up single
"Destination"- the second cut extracted from her forthcoming new album "Lighten Up". Parlaying her
versatility of songwriter, musician, and record label owner in original and quality productions,
Jacinta delivers yet another stormer with
"Destination" - which was co-written by remixer & producer Anton Bass. Jacinta's
hypnotizing vocals get major reconstructions first from UK remix stalwarts Aurora
and Digital Dog whom give the melancholy track the proper trance workout in
their own indelible styles. The (Aurora Club Mix) provides a powerful uplifting trance
stormer filled with mesmerizing waves of pulsating synths, hard hitting stabs and driving beats.
Jacinta's vocals glide over luxuriant melodies and scorching basslines as heavy builds up give way to the
mesmerizing chorus as Jacinta's vocals soar. The full throttle energy of the full (Aurora Club Mix)
is retained in the shorter (Radio Mix) and equally in the (Aurora Dub)
which is filled with more heavier build ups, vibrant synths and sparse vocals. Offering
up a spectacular blend of galloping beats, sweeping basslines and vocal
effects amidst swirling synths is the (Digital Dog Club Mix). Resonant tweaks and
flagellated vocal effects describe the antics of this superb mix which gives midway
to a brief mid cut sequence with vocal distortion effects. The
accompanied (Digital Dog Dub) is just as ethereal to the ears and solid with enough
vocals amidst blending synths and skittering breaks. Showcasing Jacinta's vocal prowess
is the (Dark Hours Radio Mix) which is melancholy piano laden acoustic
like version. Adding more firepower to this track is the (Anton Bass
Extended Mix). No stranger to clubland, Anton Bass (remixer/producer/songwriter)
was part of the fabulous remix team the Karmadelics who churned out
some memorable dance hits with Sandy B. aside from remixing for such artists
as Monica, Luther Vandross, Kim Sozzi etc.. Anchored by powerful beats,
percolating basslines and melodic synths, Anton's mix really compliment Jacinta's
vocals to perfection. Resilient percussion, pounding bass and elusive rhythms
makes this mix strong and energetic as the vocal overlays blends flawlessly
with the crescendos and drops throughout the mix. Rounding out the remix
package is the (Rod Carillo Mulas Cranky Dub) which is moody house like excursion with
dirty basslines, cascading beats, and exquisite abstract vocal effects that
keeps things to a real minimum as far as dubs go. Jacinta's "Destination" is
another top knotched original production in the same calibre as "Sunshine".
Thus, if both tracks are any indication of what to expect from her new album,
then Jacinta is 'destined' to shine on the dancefloors!
REVIEW BY (Phillip Anthony Jr.)

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"JACINTA - The one woman sensory sensation, by Chris Allen - March 2005"

She could very well be Australia’s finest export to date. She’s way sexier than Kylie, more sensitive than Olivia, possesses a demanding stage presence the likes of INXS or AC/DC, and writes songs destined to be as memorable as some of Men At Work’s finest. When she performs, she invites you into her world with a welcoming smile and irresistible charm as she literally does it all - herself – smoothly and ever so gracefully. No matter the scale of the show – she is in control of every aspect. Piano bar, lounge, club, or hall – this girl has got it goin’ on! Her name is Jacinta and she truly is a one woman sensory sensation.

I ran into Jacinta earlier this year while she was buying a birthday round for friends at a local pub when I learned that her self run indi lable Chunky Music was on the verge of releasing her very first U.S. album. I had not seen her in a couple of years since her days at The Lounge at 4th and Colorado here in Austin - but knew of her history on a global scale. Ever so curious, I pushed for a rough copy. To my extreme pleasure, this diva handed me that copy herself, and at my day job no less. To her, it was important for her to share with me this piece of her soul personally. I know why. The album is called Smokescreen and it is out now for your aural pleasure.

Smokescreen often reminds me of Madonna’s award winning masterpiece Ray Of Light. It is a soul filled electronic journey that is littered with potential chart topping hits and lyrics that are often much deeper than your average club track. There is a maturity about the recording that is pretty cool and something to respect. And the knowledge that every note, beat, and word was played, programmed, and sung by 1 woman is a total turn on. Makes ya think… this is one devoted artist. And an artist is exactly what Jacinta is.

After several e mails, phone calls, and near misses our schedules suddenly hit a match in the free time slot so Jacinta and I were able to get it together for a brief chat about Jacinta, her album, and her career. You gotta love that smile!

So where does Jacinta’s story begin?
JAC: I heard a particular soul piercing sound when I was quite little watching the electrical light parade on a family holiday at Disneyland. In that moment, I decided that one day I’d have an instrument that could make sounds like that.

How old were you when you wrote your first song?
JAC: 5. Written when I probably should have been practicing the piano. But it was for my brother who was seriously ill at the time.

What went through your head when your song "Wonderland" hit #1 on the Australian Independent Music chart in 2003?
JAC: Wonderland’s success was very cool. Shortly before arriving in Austin, I had commenced writing for the Saddle Club, (a show you’ll find on discovery kids Sunday afternoon)………… if you are ‘boy mad’ or ‘horse mad’ check it out. Wonderland was Saddle Club’s first single and their biggest hit! Yay!

Smokescreen is an incredible soul filled musical journey, From that poppy track Fly to the haunting title track, Smokescreen. What 3 songs mean the most to you? Of those 3 songs, what's the story behind "the one"?
JAC: That’s tricky in that all the songs have purpose on this record which is a revolution around a crazy orbit, however if I were to pick three they’d be Stop Requested, Freedom Is . . . and Smokescreen. I have to admit, being an Aries and hence a Mars girl, I really seemed to feel the impact of Mars being so close to planet earth and the result was madness and sadness. Smokescreen emerged at that time and marked the peak of a self-confrontation stage of my life.

My Glass Is Empty is amazingly moving song. I have to say that it is my favorite one on the album actually. What inspired this one?
JAC: Observation of myself and others particularly in the escapism environments of bars and clubs. It’s written with a piano bar setting in mind illustrating how we can find ourselves lost, off track and feeling that there’s gotta be more to life than this. And that there is an answer…………….

So, what was it like contributing your art to Cirque Du Soloeil's Alegria and what did you do for that production?
JAC: That was an interesting gig. As you know I was playing weekly at The Lounge and the lead keyboard player happened to stroll in whilst Alegria was in town.
Their master keyboard driving the music component of the show was ‘struggling’, not really, and it happened to be a board that I use. They required a keyboard quirky nerd to assist them sorting the tech side of things and I was thrilled to do the gig.

Tell me more about your involvement with SXSW and how long that relationship has going on.
JAC: In Australia we hear all about SXSW being the massive convention it is. I figured it would be a great way to get my music industry bearings in the States, so I landed in Austin in March 2002 and took the ride. The following year, I produced the music for the SXSW Interactive Web Awards and the year after and again this year I’m doing the same. This will be my fourth SXSW and it will be fantastic having a full length CD to get out there. I’ll be playing at the Velvet Glove Red River on Friday 18th March. Come on down! 7pm

Finally, what's next for Jacinta?
JAC: Well, my CD SMOKESCREEN will be in my hands (and yours) any day now and I have just acquired two fabulous new toys for the new show. I am very keen to get back to a steady stream of gigs utilizing some wild interactive multimedia technology. My nomadic self is longing to get back to touring. I’ll be visiting Oz for promotion and shows and then back to the States to revisit and expand on the tours of 2003 promoting SMOKESCREEN!

The album is Smokescreen and it is available now for you to experience from Jacinta’s very own Chunky Records online at www.cdbaby.com. Check out www.chunkymusic.com to stay updated on Jacinta’s every step. For the full length version of this interview please check out our website, www.shouttexas.com. If you missed her performances earlier this week at the conference or awards shows you can experience Jacinta live yourself on Friday the 18th at Velvet Glove (Red River) at 7 pm. See ya there! Peace. - Texas Shout Magazine, 17 March 2005

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"CAN'T KEEP IT A SINGLE - reviews to date"

From Dean Ferguson/Import Express

JACINTA / Can't Keep It A Secret
GIRL-POWER DANCE ANTHEM POWERED BY AMAZING TONY MORAN AND JOHNNY VICIOUS REMIXES! Jacinta's in love and we're right there with her! She's got an amazing voice, and this new TONY MORAN production shows it off perfectly. It's an excellent, uplifting dance anthem geared toward mainstream floors, and we absolutely love it. The 9:02 Original Club Mix by TONY MORAN & WARREN RIGG is pure pop-dance perfection, while the more NRG-getic remixes served up JOSH HARRIS (8:02), JOHNNY VICIOUS and DJ ESCAPE (9:08), GEORGIE PORGIE (8:13) and more should send this one straight to the top of the club charts almost instantly. THE BEST NEW GIRL-TWIRL OF THE EARLY SUMMER SEASON!

The test rotations went really well. This could be one of those songs that is stuck in our heads all summer! J McDaniel …. Seattle C89.5

Jacinta’s highly anticipated new single Can’t Keep It A Secret is an amazingly uplifting and positive song. Jacinta’s vocals on this one are tip top and have never sounded better. Our gurl lets us have ya’ll! GROOVELINES: SXSW EDITION 03/26/07

I LOVE the track, and I could not wait to unleash it on my shows/dancefloor.
DJ Dom Armano 04/24/07

Aussie princess Jacinta is unleashing "Can't Keep a Secret," the follow up to her club hits "Destination" and "Sunshine." The catchy and uplifting pop/dance track is everything that you could want in a club hit - a strong song, excellent vocals, and incredible remixes. Dance music traces it root to disco, the music that came from the underground black and gay clubs in the 70s. The dancefloors united and equalized as people danced to classic songs that shared positive uplifitng messages like "I Will Survive" and "Ain't No Stopping Us Now." "Can't Keep It a Secret" is about being true to yourself, sharing your life, and being open about who you are. More than any song in recent memory, its a liberating story that we can all embrace. Vocally, Jacinta is reminiscent of a young Olivia Newton-John, with a soft angelic voice in the verse that builds to a powerful raspy tone in the chorus. The power and emotion of her voice sells the song and makes you believe it. DJ Ron – About Dance Music.com 5/4/07

Jacinta's vocals are pure perfection here. She does not disappoint at all. The lyrics on this song are top-notch as well. . . Clubbers Guide 05/10/07

. . . nothing prepared me for SECRET. SECRET is powerful and epic but sincere and simple at the same time. Jacinta's strongest suit is her belief in what she sings. Her craft is outshined only by her passion and no where is that more evident than in SECRET. . . such drama, intensity and positivity … this song is destined to be the song for 2007. Jacinta’s voice travels above the synths simply evoking happiness, acceptance, joy, spirituality and individualism . . . DJ Steel 4/23/07

The mix is FIERCE and your vocals are STUNNING!! DJ Randy Bettis – Billboard 5/6/07

This is an absolutely amazing song. It's no wonder it was the number one breakout track on the Billboard dance chart. . . Jacinta is a bad ass. We love her! (C.M., 05/10/2007)

Good song, particularly the remix of Tony Moran and Warren Rigg €€ A bOy iN BelGiUm €€ (A.Y., 05/09/2007)

Tony far and away (b.b., 05/04/2007)

"Can't Keep It A Secret" is another great release from Jacinta that should do very well in the dance charts and on most dancefloors. Although most DJs will automatically gravitate toward playing the Tony Moran & Warren Rig Original Club Mix, don't overlook the equally-as-good Johnny Vicious & DJ Excape Main Mix. Four and a half stars. Highly recommended! (W.A., 05/03/2007)

I have 2 agree and,finally this is released. I have had the Tony Moran mix a while yet it is down tempo, when i listened to JV and Georgie's Mix (which is my fav) I was SOLD. But U have to Be the judge, i believe this will be a big club hit, until her next release, let's hope it is as great as this one. Jason Prof Dj (J.S., 05/03/2007)

Another great song by Jacinta! Good variety of remixes. (R.R., 05/03/2007)

DJ Rico/ KCAQ in Oxnard, California
“Jacinta’s new record is really, really good. I was surprised by how good, I’m using the Johnny Viscious mix which is funny cause he told me he hates tribal, but he did a good mix!”

Socrates “Jake” Lopez/ Soulgasm Radio on the Internet
“That record is hot!”
- various


BETTER WAY - King Street Records, Feb, 25, 2013
TAKE ON ME - Capp Records Sept. 7 2013
LOVE FOOL - Capp Records Sept 7, 2013
YOU'RE MY DESTINATION (Rene Ablaze f/ Jacinta - released on Redux Recordings - May 27, 2013
CALM BEFORE THE STORM (Daz Bailey f/ Jacinta) - released on Tactal Hots, Dec 2012
SECRET 2K12 and 2K13 (Rene Ablaze, Jacinta) - released on Joys Productions (FR) and ANDORFINE (DE) Oct 2012
ON OUR WAY - released on Nu Communicate Recordings - Sept 2012
WARM LIKE SUMMER - released on Vacate Records - August 2012
PURE IMAGINATION - released on CAPP Records, July 2012
XANADU - released on CAPP Records, June 15, 2012
SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAINBOW - released on CAPP Records, Oct 7, 2010ALWAYS BESIDE ME - released on Destune Records, Sept 1, 2010
MAGIC - released on  CAPP Records, Feb 26, 2010
LUMINA - Songs of Light from the Dark Hours – 9 tracks - released on Chunky Music, Dec 14, 2009.
LOST IN A DREAM (Javah f/Jacinta) released on Spinnin' Records, Nov, 2009.
SHARE THE TEARS (AurA f/Jacinta) released on Five Star Records, 2009
PAST LIFE MEDITATION (Jacinta & Psychic Norbert) released on Chunky Music, 2009.
DAY IN TIME (WildJaam f/Jacinta and Amber Dirks) released on Chunky Music/Power2Move, Feb 4, 2009.
I SEE FIRE (Cybersutra f/ Jacinta) - released on Kult Records Jan 6 2009
ELECTRIC UNIVERSE - The Definitive Remixes - released on Chunky Music Oct 24, 2008
ELECTRIC UNIVERSE - released on Chunky Music Oct 10, 2008
CAN'T KEEP IT A SECRET - The Secret Remixes, released on Chunky Music July 2007
CAN'T KEEP IT A SECRET, released on Chunky Music June 5, 2007
DESTINATION, 10 remixes on mega single, released on Chunky Music May 2006
DESTINATION: CLUB CUTZ, 6 remixes and acapellas, released on Chunky Music July 2006
SUNSHINE, 9 remixes on mega single, released on Chunky Music October 2005
SMOKESCREEN, released on Chunky Music 2005.
SANDALWOOD ~ UNDER THE INFLUENCE, released on Chunky Music 2000.
DEDICATED TO A STRANGER, released on Chunky Music, 1996



Jacinta is an award winning international songwriter, musician and vocalist, born in Oregon and raised in Sydney, Australia.  She traveled to Texas for SXSW in 2002 and made Texas her home, now residing in Houston. 

With five impressive Billboard Club hits and international chart success, Jacinta has also been the recipient of six internationally renown songwriting awards.  Many of her self penned songs have found their way into film, TV, computer games, stage shows and the hearts of her growing fan base.   

Performing live throughout the USA, Australia, Europe and Asia, Jacinta's career has provided her the opportunity to work with internationally respected artists including Tony Bennett, Cake, Leo Sayer, David Gates (Bread), Glenn Shorrock (Little River Band) and Robbie Williams. 

Jacinta’s music is contemplative and uplifting, reflecting her original inspiration, to heal and inspire.  In bringing together music and healing, Jacinta became a student of metaphysics and sound healing.
She completed her Bachelor of Metaphysics through the University of Metaphysics, Sedona (UOM) and is a student of sound healing, currently studying with Jonathan Goldman.
Jacinta is an ordained minister through the International Metaphysical Ministry.