Jack is leading the return of riff-based, power-pop rock with killer guitar hooks and original lyrics. The female-fronted quartet oozes attitude, lyrically taking on marijuana-addled relationships, the uselessness of Paris Hilton, and more.


Jack began in 2004 as most good things do - accidentally over a couple beers in Madison, Wis.

Lead singer, Nancy, overhead drummer Jay Fabulous ask friends at a BBQ party if they knew any good vocalists cause the one he had quit. “Would you consider a chick?” she asked Mr. Fabulous. Already on board was bassist and Barrymore Theater stage master Matt, who brings considerable experience and knowledge of music theory.

A talented lead guitarist was the last piece to put in place, and he was discovered as most good things are – accidentally over a couple beers in Madison, Wis.

He also attended the same Rush concert in Milwaukee as Jay Fabulous a few nights before. Other bands that influence jack include The White Stripes, The Pretenders, Velvet Revolver, The Replacements and The Kills.

And the name? Besides being catchy, jack is also the name of Nancy’s dog

Give jack a listen and get off on a band that’s leading the return of riff-based rock, killer guitar hooks, and memorable lyrics.


Songs available for download - free.

Set List

1 set list of original songs. 40-50 min.

Just Like You
What do You Think of Me
All In
Way Too Much
Your Level
There for Me
Time and Time Again
Get Away
Paris Hilton
Money Knocks
Don't Go There
In the Evening
This Frustration
Too Many Things
Just The Beginning

Cover Songs
Just Don't Know What to do With Myself - White Stripes
Precious - Pretenders
Left of the Dial - Replacements
Daytripper - The Beatles